Review : In2it Lip Treat

by - Saturday, August 29, 2015

For your information, I have tried tons and tons of lip balms for my very dry lips. From Vaseline to Burt's Bees, you name it. Lip balms have been my bestfriend since middle school. I still remember my very first lip balm when I was 12, it was the basic colourless Nivea Essential Care lip balm given by my big sis. And I carried it every single day to school, hiding it from the teachers in my kurung pocket. Ahh, the memories.

In2it is a budget friendly makeup product that is now widely spreading across Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. If you're a Malaysian like me, I'm sure you've come across this brand at least once when going to Watsons or Guardian. I was introduced of this Lip Treat range by a friend of mine. I'm always into trying out tinted lip balms, as I thought that they have a more 'natural' look for everyday look as they have a more sheer finish than a regular lipstick.

When I first tried it on, it completely blew off my mind. I know it sounds so exaggerating but I've never tried any lip balm that is THIS moisturizing my whole life! Considering that I've tried so many lip balms throughout my life, I have to say that this is the best for my very dry chapped lips. It instantly absorbs into your lips and moisturizes like a dream. If I put this on my cracked and chapped lips, I will only have to wait a few minutes for it to do its magic and Poof! The cracks are gone and my lips become so smooth afterwards. I have no idea which ingredient in this lip balm that is responsible to work outstandingly from my other lip balms, or it's probably the Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline (DPHP), a plant-based amino acid that is known to feed the collagen fibers in your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.



Sorry for the camera quality! But I think that they did a very good job for the color pigmentation as well. The one that I have is in raspberry, which is the deepest shade. It also comes in orange, strawberry and vanilla As I said earlier, tinted lip balms usually gives a more sheer look, and it's the same case for this one but with better pigmentation. I don't have to worry about my lips looking pale because it gives just the right amount of color for everyday basis like going to classes or meetings. 

Price point, this is a very affordable tinted lip balm. I got it for only RM7.30, which you can imagine how inexpensive it is if there is sales going on. Another bonus is that it also comes with SPF20 PA++ to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays that can further darken your lips. How can you beat this lip balm? 

Overall, for the quality and price of this lip balm, I can't find any reason to try out any others out there because it has been my holy grail lip balm ever since I tried it. You should give it a try too! 

Pros : 
  • Amazing moisturizing ability
  • Smooths out chapped lips
  • SPF20 PA++
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent color payoff
Cons : 
  • None!
Will I repurchase ? 
Absolutely Yes. Actually this has been like my 8th tube or something. I've gone through so many of this lip balm and will keep on repurchasing it.

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