Animals That Look Like They Are Wearing Makeup

by - Sunday, September 06, 2015

When I was scrolling on Twitter, I found a gif image of a really interesting looking fish eating another fish. It was a batfish and made me laughed so hard when I googled for more of their images.

Just look at the lips! HAHA. This guy right here is really rocking em red lips. I surrender. This fish wins. So I decided to look up for more animals that looks like they are wearing makeup. I hope they entertain you as much as they did for me! 

1. Hotot Rabbit

Hotot Rabbit definitely looks like they are wearing an eyeliner! Such a majestic looking creature.

2. Secretary Bird

Dem I envy your eyelashes gurl, where did you get them from?

3. Red-Cheeked Cordon Blue Bird

Oops, too much blusher!

4. Wild Frog

Perfect nails Mr. Froggy, perfect nails for the summer. Are they Essie's?

5. Dusky Leaf Monkey

When all else fails, Pink Eyeshadows! Gotta highlight those eyes.

These animals are really cute and beautiful that they can be even more beautiful than most girls in the world. Jealous mode. hahaha. Maybe Mr. Panda should start learning from our friends here on how to cover his dark circles. 

Panda be like : Bitc* please, I'm still cute in any way!

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