How to Prevent and Ease Period Pain

by - Monday, September 14, 2015

Ladies, we all know how torturing it is to get a period pain. Been through it, totally understand it. For your information, the reason why we get period pain is due to our uterus wall muscles contracting to get rid of the lining (blood). And this contraction of muscles is caused by the prostaglandin hormones produced. Here's an equation to simply everything :

Prostaglandin hormone produced = Contraction of muscles = Muscle Cramp = Period Cramp

So the higher the amount of prostaglandin hormones produced, the more severe your period pain will be. That is why some of us girls will experience a greater cramp than the other girls. Our hormonal levels are different for each person! You are the luckiest person alive if you don't get any period cramps during menstruation. So be thankful as all of us here wishes to be you. LOL. So I decided to write this post with hope that I can help a little to ease your pain during the battle.

1. Do not drink Iced Water.

Please, please avoid drinking any cold or iced water at least a week before you get your period. ( Check your calendars!) Cold temperatures will only worsen your period pain. I've experimented myself by trying to only drink plain warm water a few weeks before I get my period. I even ordered only warm water when eating at restaurants and guess what? No period pain at all for that time of the month! It is amazing how a simple thing that we do on our daily basis can affect us so much for that few days of menstruation.

2. Exercise

I know this sounds bull. You might be thinking how in the world can you do exercise when you can't even get up from the bed. My advice is, -try. Some of the pain could actually come from your mind. This is what we call mindset. So just get up, sit straight, and do some exercise because it can help to increase your heart rate, therefore more blood is pumped throughout the body. This will then releases endorphine to counteract the prostaglandin and ease your cramp. Some simple yoga exercises also can help relaxing your muscles, and reduce the pain. You can easily search for yoga poses online that can help through period pain.

3. Heat

When I was younger, my sister will ask me to take a water bottle and fill it with warm, almost hot water and put it onto my abdomen area while lying down for period pain relief.  The heat will actually help to relax your muscles and thus ease the pain. You can simply buy a heating pad from any pharmacies instead of using water bottles because the water will stay warm longer. Other than that, a simple circular massage can also help. Put a few drops of massage oil on your palm and rub your palms together a few seconds to generate heat. After that, just massage your abdomen area in a circular motion without applying too much pressure.

4. Cut down on Coffee

Caffeine in the coffee can be bad during you menstruation because it will constrict your blood vessels, and tighten the uterus. If you can't let go of coffee, drink the decaffeinated ones. Other foods that are high in caffeine should also be avoided such as carbonated drinks and chocolates. Yes girls, chocolates.

5. Distract yourself

Really, just go busy. Just drag your attention away from the pain and go have fun! Have a shopping therapy with your friends or something, or if you're like me, just force yourself to sleep and have a good rest. I always force myself to sleep if it's the kind of pain where I can't even get off from the bed, just curling myself up in the blanket lol. When that happens, I'll try to breathe slowly and steadily to relax and clear my mind. It will instantly help to make me fall asleep.

Whatever happens, just please put the painkillers as your last choice. I know a lot of my girlfriends who depend on the pink colored pills during menstruation to help them to ease their pain. Just remember that the painkillers will affect your kidneys and overall health in a long run. Try herbal supplements instead. I would recommend the Alfalfa pills by Shaklee.
Thank you for reading!

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