Review : Makeup Revolution London Iconic 1 Pallete

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello beautiful! I'm sure everyone already heard and know about the Naked Pallete by Urban Decay that has been so famous ever since they are released in the market. Due to the rave, a lot of companies has been releasing their own eyeshadow palletes that comes with neutral colors which could be a dupe for the Naked Pallete. 
Today, I'm going to talk about an ultimate dupe for the Naked 1 Pallete, which is the Makeup Revolution London Iconic 1 Pallete. It costs so much less than the Naked Pallete. If you haven't heard of this brand before, it actually just launched in London in March 2014, so it's quite a recent brand hence you can only purchase their makeup from their website for the time being. The Iconic 1 pallete costs only RM32! That is an amazing price compared to the Naked 1 which cost more than RM100. 
I do not own any Naked Pallete, so this is going to be a full review of the Iconic 1 pallete and not a comparison post.

 Let's be honest here, it is not one of the most luxurious looking product as the packaging is made from plastic, but for the price that you paid, the quality of the eyeshadows is totally worth it! The pallete comes with 12 neutral colors, with two of them being matte and shimmery for the other 10 colors. The colors do not have any names in particular, but the arrangement of shades is exactly like how the shades in the Naked 1 pallete is arranged. You can google up Naked 1 for reference. The pallete comes with a double sided sponge tip applicator, which is great for a beginner.

Here are one swipe swatches of the shadows on my hand. I'm sorry for the picture quality, but trust me it looks a lot better in person. As you can see, the shimmery shadows stands out more than the matte ones, but there is actually none of the colors from this pallete that I dislike! Every single one of them has a rich texture and are very pigmented. They are really easy to blend too. Sometimes I use the matte shadows to fill in my brows and it works perfectly. 

The first color from the left is used usually to highlight my inner corners and my brow bone. The shimmery shadows are perfect for daily wear as they are not too glittery or have any fallout throughout the day. It's the perfect pallette for everyday makeup or events!

If you haven't check out the makeup products from this brand yet, you really should! They even have a lipstick range that costs only RM8 each. How cool is that? After my first purchase, I know I'll definitely come back to the website next time to purchase more of their products.

  • Very affordable
  • Amazing quality
  • Pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • No fallout
Cons :
  • Can't think of any!
Rate : 5/5

Will I repurchase?
Yes yes yes

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