Current Beauty Favourites - Hada Labo, Dove, Garnier, And a Pore Mask!

by - Sunday, October 25, 2015

1. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Hair Serum

I love to use this hair serum right after I towel dried my hair. That means I'll apply this serum when my hair is still damp and almost dry. This leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth plus it makes my hair frizz free when it fully dries and more managable! For the price of RM20++, you really can't go wrong with this hair serum.

2. Garnier Light Comlete Multi-Action Whitening Cream

I have quite a sensitive skin so it is hard for me to find a good moisturizer that won't break me out. This one fortunately, doesn't break me out at all. It doesn't doesn't really have an amazing moisturizing ability but I find it great in controlling the oil production of my skin. Furthermore I find that it really helps with brightening my acne scars and my overall complexion. The SPF17 is a plus point, but of course I do still need extra protection from the sun. Can't skip sunblock!

3. Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA and BHA Cream Cleanser

There are two versions of this cleanser, which is the foaming type ( blue round bottle) and this one, the cream version that comes in blue tube. I was debating whether to get the foaming version or the cream version at first, so I go ahead and pick the cream version because it's a little cheaper considering that I just want to give it a try first, (typical Asian cheapskate hehe) and oh my god I just fall in love with this cleanser immediately! The AHA and BHA acids in this cleanser helps with my clogged pores so much that my skin has now calm down from the breakouts that I'm having. What I really love about it is that it doesn't have any useless stuff that other companies always put in their products naming alcohol, fragrance, colorant and mineral oil. So it is really great for people with sensitive skin. It doesn't leave my skin a dry and tight feeling after washing, and it's really easy to rinse off. This retails at RM27++

4. Vietnam Pore Mask

If you're suffering from blackheads and whiteheads, you should really check this baby out if you haven't yet. This literally takes EVERYTHING out from your pores. The application can be a little messy, it's like applying glue on your face. And then you will need to stick the tissue paper thingy onto the glue on your face and just wait for it to dry, then pull. You will be amazed on how much blackheads or whiteheads this pore mask pick out. May I warn you that it can be quite painful to take off at first, but you will get used to it. Beauty is Pain, right? You can simply get this at any local beauty stores or insta shops. Just type in #vietnammask on the search bar. Price ranges about RM7-10. So worth it!

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