Review : IN2IT Liquid Eyeliner

by - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If you have been following my blog, you must have known that my holy grail lip balm is from In2It. Guess which brand has been my all time favourite, holy grail liquid eyeliner? Okay right, I obviously wrote it in the title haha! Well, In2it never fail to impress me with the quality of their make up products despite of the very affordable price. If you want to know why I love their liquid eyeliner very much, keep on reading!

So recently I bought a new In2It Liquid Eyeliner to replace my old one which has totally dried up, and this is probably my 4th purchase if im not mistaken. That's how much I love this stuff. And as you can see from the picture above, sometimes there will be an offer where you can get buy 1 free 1 of the liquid liner, which happens pretty regularly actually. There are two types of the black liquid liner which are matte (yellow cap) and shiny (orange cap) . I tried both of them and I personally love the matte version more because I'm not really a big fan of a metallic black finish for my eyeliner. And for this one that I bought, it comes with a free metallic turquoise liquid liner. I'm actually quite excited to try it. The best thing is I only paid RM16.80 for these two babies! Quite an awesome deal right there. You can find them at Watsons. 

It has a brush tip applicator which is really thin and I find it very easy to work with. It's very unlikely to make a mistake while using this eyeliner. Not saying that I'm a pro at applying liquid eyeliner, as it might be the trickiest part in our makeup routine, but this one from In2It really helps in steadying my hand as the cap is quite long. So it's just like drawing with a pen. 

Here's the swatch! Notice how black the color is? LOVE. Excuse my ugly handwriting, hahaha but it really felt like writing with a calligraphy pen or something. You can use the tip of the brush to draw thin line, and align it vertically to draw a thicker line. 

Here's how it looks after a vigorous rubbing. When I say vigorous, i mean it. Look how red my hand had become haha! The turquoise one really impresses me as it looks like nothing comes off. Still sparkly like a boss. And I didn't even wait too long for it to dry. Only took about 2-3 minutes until it totally set. This eyeliner never smudge on me and I'm someone with oily eyelids. So that impresses me. However, you might want to be careful not to rub your eyes when having this on because it can flake off. It can be easily washed off with some water and rubbing, But please don't do that regularly as tugging your eyes can cause premature wrinkles. Simple take it off with eye make up remover okay? Longevity wise, this can really last up to 6-7 hours as long as you don't rub your eyes. I had once fall asleep with this on and woke up with perfect winged eyeliner lol.

Pros :
  • Very affordable
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Easy application
  • Long wearing
Cons :
  • None!
Will I repurchase? 
Always :D

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  1. OMG, I love this liner too!!! It can withstand dancing which is kind of a winner for me...

    1. I know right! It's a staple in my everyday make up routine. ^_^