Review : Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Eye Roller

by - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello gorgeous! Oh how I miss blogging. I'm really sorry for the long overdue if you are by any chance waiting for a new post from me. But I'm really glad that my final exam is finally over for this semester! Wooohooo Merdeka! So now I'll be continuing my last semester before my second practical. Can't wait to graduate ^.^

Anyway, moving on to the main purpose of this topic, I'm going to talk about an eye cream that I've been wanting to try out since forever. I finally got it in my hands because I know that I'll get horrible dark circles during my exams. So I prepared myself to buy this roller about a month and a half ago.

 I love how exclusive the packaging looks like! Especially the metal cap. This is a click on eye roller, means you have to click the button at the back in order to get the product out. This retails at RM54.90, but the price can go down til RM38.43 when it is on sale. So if you want to try this out but hesitating due to the price, just wait for sales okay? XD

This is the button that I was talking about. It's just a plastic click on button. The feeling during clicking on it it's not so luxurious though. It doesn't go down and up so smoothly like clicking a pen. But it's not a really big deal for me though. Just thought I had to mention it. For the first time you buy this product, you will have to click several times to get the product out. It scared me at first because I thought the inside was empty after clicking few times and still the product won't go out lol! Just be patient. But after that I only have to click once each for my eyes. The product that gets out in one click is just enough for one side of my eye.

When you press the back button, the product will come out at the sides of these three metal rollers. These rollers are not cooling much like the Jade Eye Roller from Ginvera. You can google it up. So upon application I don't find the roller revitalizing to my eyes. But they do give good massage for the eyes to reduce that water retention from your eye bags. However, massaging with these rollers alone is not enough to get the product absorb completely under my eyes. I think this also happens in most of other eye rollers in the market though.

The product is not too thin like water and not too thick like a cream. I would say the consistency is just tad bit thicker than a serum. It is not sticky though and helps to moisturize my under eye really well so applying concealer under my eyes is like a breeze. No cakey under eye! I think it does helps in reducing puffiness under my eyes, but I don't think it does much for my dark circles. It reduces them a bit, but I guess in order to get a better result, I might need to buy two more of these haha! Which is quite disappointing actually because that is the main purpose of me buying it. But actually I won't complain much on that department because I am someone who always sleep late. Sooo can't really expect this to help when I can't even help myself to sleep early lol.



This isn't a really good before and after picture due to different lightling haha! I'm really sorry but dumb me forgot to take a before shot of my under eye condition. So I just look into my gallery stash to find a picture that shows my clear dark circles before I was using this eye roller,

Anyway, I actually have finished this eye roller a few days back. It was a surprise to me because I never thought it would ran out so fast. And then I looked at the pen and it says 6ml, I was like, okay no wonder. It would be better if we get a little bit more product from the price we pay. Therefore I would say it is quite overpriced, I don't know. Maybe I thought I could get a miracle result from this. But I think there's other products out there that can give the same result with better price. 

Cons :
  • Helps with puffiness
  • Love the massaging metal roller
  • Moisturizing
Pros :
  • Doesn't help much with my dark circles
  • Quite expensive for just 6ml of product
  • Doesn't really do an amazing job
Will I repurchase?

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