3 Natural Ways to Exfoliate Lips

by - Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Uh oh! Put that bullet of matte lipstick on your hand down and take a clear look at your lips in the mirror first. If it appears to be dark, chapped, cracked, and dry, you know it is not ready for that beautiful lipstick of yours. Any lipstick, be it matte or glossy will not look good on a rough lips, even when they cost you a $100. So here are some of my tips to get your lips ready for the day. Or night? :D

1. Toothbrush

Everytime after you brush your teeth, just spend about 30-60 seconds extra to brush your lips. This can help to slough off all the dried skin on your lips, revealing smooth and soft lips. Brushing your lips can also help with blood circulation thus your lips will look fleshy and plumped right away. No you don't have to put on anything on the brush to exfoliate, just make sure the bristle is soft or medium and exfoliate really gently.

2. Washcloth

This kind of washcloth or towel is a great material to exfoliate away the dead skin cells on your lips. Just like steaming your face, you can also use hot water to 'steam' your lips to soften the skin on your lips. With hot steaming water, dip in your washcloth (or towel) into the water and press it to your lips. Once it has cooled, dip it in the water again and repeat. Do it several times and when you feel like your lips have been soften, use the washcloth to wipe away the dried skin on your lips and it should be easily removed. Just remember, be gentle!

3. Sugar and honey scrub

I'm pretty much sure you have already know these two key ingredients to exfoliate your lips. It is very easy, just mix equal parts of one tablespoon of honey and sugar, and use that mixture to exfoliate your lips. But, if you want an additional benefit such as brightening, you can add one tablespoon of lemon juice into the scrub. Lemon will overtime helps to brighten your lips. And if you want to plump your lips to make them look bigger, add a sprinkle to cinnamon powder. You would feel a slight tingly sensation and your lips will be plumped and irresistible like Kylie Jenner!

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