Review : Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

by - Sunday, December 20, 2015

I have been looking for the perfect night moisturizer that won't make my skin appear oily in the morning like forever. Who thought I would come down to actually using oil for my moisturizer? Sounds weird, but I'll tell you how natural oils can actually work wonders for our skin!

You would probably think, oily skin should totally avoid using oil based moisturizers, right? Well actually, the natural oil on our skin is produced by the sebum to help moisturize our dry skin, but there are various factors that can stimulate the oil producing glands that sometimes resulting in overproducing of oil such as over cleansing. Therefore when we use external oils on our skin, it can actually 'trick' our skin, so our skin will not be producing excess oil to compensate dry skin since it is already hydrated and moisturized adequately by external oils.

I decided to give Tarte Maracuja Oil a try since I have heard so many good things about this guy. Maracuja oil is actually passion fruit oil. Some benefits of passion fruit oil that I know are it acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress, brightening, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the list goes on and on. There are so many good things about the oil!

First and foremost, let us take a moment to appreciate whoever that came up with the packaging because I absolutely adore it. The oil is stored in this thick glass bottle with gold pump dropper. It feels and look luxurious, and fancy. The only thing I'm scared of is if I might drop it and the glass will shatter. But I think it's pretty safe since the glass is quite thick. Just be careful, we can never predict accidents. The last thing I want is the precious liquid spilling all over my floor.

I bought the travel size for only RM 47 from Sephora which contains 15ml of liquid. The full size retails for I think, RM179 for 50ml. Surprisingly the oil is very thin and a little bit of it goes a very long way. I have been using this for 2 months, maybe more with 2-3 pumps for each use and look at how much oil is still in the bottle! It's barely even moving at all. I do use it only at night though. I have no idea how long will it take to finish the whole bottle, let along the full size one. The liquid comes out clear. I did hear some complains about the scent, and I understand why. People might expect it to have fruity or sweet scent, but it does not. I don't know how to explain the scent, I don't quite like it but it does not bother me much. I can live with it, it's not that bad.

My skin is not yet flawless, but it has been clearing up at this point since I started using it. It does not prevent acne, I still get those hormonal acne from time to time but I feel like they shrink faster with this oil. The bumps that I have are also lessen, especially on my forehead. It moisturizes my skin very well, and I love how it makes my skin looking plumped in the morning. Even when I skip my moisturizer the next morning, my skin does not feel dry for the whole day.

The brightening effect is minimal, but it does help with the redness on my face. For the acne scarring, I don't think it helps much to brighten the acne scarring. I have to depend on other products for that particular problem. What I really love about it is that you can also apply this on other areas of your body such as your hair and your hands. I usually apply the excess oil on my hands and it helps to moisturize my cuticles pretty well and makes my nails look shiny and healthy. You can even mix a few drops of it with your foundation to achieve that healthy dewy look.

Overall I do think that it does wonders to my skin, but like any other natural products, we have to give it a longer time to see results. I am somewhat an impatient person, I will be amazed by products that gives overnight if not immediate result. But considering this is a pure and natural oil, I know it will take longer time to experience result so I keep using it anyway. For now, I can't decide if I would repurchase it or not, until I finish the whole bottle. Thank you for your visit, and see ya next time!

Pros :

  • Hydrates the skin very well
  • Does not make my skin oily the next morning
  • Helps with redness and breakouts
  • Lasts very long time
Cons :
  • Not very affordable for the full size
  • Takes a long time to see result
  • Not the best smelling oil out there
Rating : 3.8/5

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