Review : Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33

by - Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hello lovelies!
With Malaysia's weather that is so scorching hot right now, SPF and hydration are two main things in my top list when it comes to skincare. I have been driving more frequently to classes for the last month that I realized my hands has became dry, dark and dull. Yikes. I am not really a person who carries around a hand lotion in her handbag so that was my bad. So I headed down to my closest Watsons to look for a good lotion with SPF to protect my skin.

I bought this one because first, I need something lightening as I realized that my skin has gotten pretty sunburned. And of course, I also need something that has SPF in it to further protect my skin. So when I saw this one on the shelf, it was actually on sale plus it came with a free tube in a smaller size so it was perfect for me to carry it in my purse. Normal price would be around RM24-26. Quite affordable for 320ml worth of product.

So this body serum claims to instantly help make skin fairer and repair 10 signs of damaged and dull skin which are

1. Accumulated dull damaged skin from sun
2. Naturally dull skin tone
3. Uneven skin tone
4. Dark spots
5. Rough skin
6. Scratched dry skin
7. Flaky dry skin
8. Cracked skin
9. Unsmooth skin
10. Stressed skin

The consistency of this product is thinner than a regular body lotion. It is called a body serum after all. I have never tried any other body serums before so I can't do any comparisons. The scent is pretty pleasant,a little bit citrus-y I would say but not too overwhelming. It lingers on the skin but not for too long so don't worry if its going to interrupt the smell of your perfume.

Once rubbed in, it leaves my skin looking a little glowy. Unfortunately I do not find this body serum to be hydrating enough for my dry skin. And it takes forever to rub this into my skin!  I thought as a 'serum' it is going to be easier and faster to absorb into the skin, but no. If I don't have much time to get ready in the morning I would just skip this from my morning routine because it will waste my time lol. A little bit of this goes a really long way so that's good for the pocket. I have been using it religiously for a about a month and there is still a lot of product left. It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky, but the thing has been bothering me is that even after like 4-5 hours of applying this lotion, when I go wash my hands or legs I can still feel the product being washed, you know that kind of slippery feeling? So I don't know if it supposed to sit on top of my skin for sun protection or what lol.

It has Q10 and Vitamin C as the active ingredient for brightening and it does brighten my skin a little bit especially on my legs, but the result is not very significant. Maybe I should use it a little longer. My hands are not as dull as before, so that is good to know that it does its job as it claimed to repairing and protecting it from the sun. SPF33 is a good amount. However I cannot use this for other areas on my body because I realised that it has been giving me back acne which I had never get before from using any other lotions. Thankfully they are recovering now as I have stopped using this on my back.

Overall this is a great product if you are looking for something to protect your skin with additional benefits instead of just slathering on regular sunscreen. But I personally wouldn't repurchase as it is not moisturizing enough for my skin and because of the fact that it causes break out on my back. I do not enjoy the application which takes forever too. There are definitely better options but you can try it if you want!


  • Contains SPF 33 with UVA1/UVA2/UVB
  • Brightening
  • Affordable
  • Does not leave the skin feeling sticky
Cons :
  • Takes long time to absorb
  • Causes me back acne
Comment below if you have a great body lotion recommendation! :)

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