Review : Revlon Lash Potion By Grow Luscious

by - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I am that person who will only wear mascara if I have my contact lenses on because I just hate the feeling of my lashes touching my spectacles. So uncomfortable. And I only wear fake lashes for special events, so when I do wear mascara on my daily basis, I gotta make sure that they make my lashes look perfect! This is one of the drugstore mascaras that I have been eyeing on for quite a while because I have heard good things about it from bloggers and youtubers. 

The size of the wand is a little not too fat for my but I find it a little bit hard to work for my bottom lashes and the lashes around the inner corner. If I am not careful enough the product definitely will transfer to my eyelids. But the bristles are not too packed, they are quite sparse apart, so it is easy to coat each and every one of your lashes. You can't really see it from this image (oh man I really need to invest on a better camera) but there are actually two types of bristles; long and short.

I got mine in 001 Blackest Black from Guardian for RM30++ when it was on sale. I believe mine is not the waterproof formula, because I can't find anything that says waterproof from the packaging. The formulation of this mascara is a little bit on the drier side, which I love! I don't really like wet mascara because I just hate the feeling of my lashes sticking with each other. The faster it dries on my lashes, the better.

First coat

Second coat

So as you can see from the application above, the first and second coat of the mascara doesn't really have that much of difference except that it makes my lashes look thicker and a bit more voluminous? The mascara do promises on the volumizing and lengthening department and I do think that it delivers the promise. But I really wished that it would help to curl my lashes more considering that I have straight down lashes. I did not use a lash curler for this review, but when I do, I realize that it does not help to hold the curl long enough. At the end of the day my lashes will start drooping down again lol. But it does not smudge on me so that it a plus point!

Don't get me wrong though, overall I do think this is a great mascara, but it is just not my favourite. My sister on the other hand loooove it so much that she went out and bought her own tube after she tried mine on her lashes.

Pros :

  • Volumizing and Lengthening
  • Buildable
  • Affordable
Cons : 
  • Doesn't give much curl to the lashes
Rate : 4 / 5

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  1. I've always wondered about this mascara. Good review.