Review : Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eyeshadow base cum eye primer is actually an essential makeup product if you're someone who uses eyeshadows on daily basis. It's a little thing that can change your whole makeup look. Basically, like a face primer, it acts like an adhesive that can make whatever you apply on your eyes to last longer and smoother. 

I have actually never tried any eyeshadow primer before, but now that I have incorporate eye shadows on my daily makeup routine, I went on a hunt for a good drugstore eye primer and opted for Catrice's eyeshadow base to try out. Gurl let me tell you what, I am hooked!

This product comes in a square tube with a doe foot applicator, just like a lip gloss, which makes it easy to be applied on the lid. I prefer this kind of packaging rather some other eye bases that comes in a jar which you have to dip your fingers into. I got it for RM15.90 and it contains 5ml amount of product, which I think will lasts me forever cause a little bit of this goes a loooong way. 

The consistency of this is kinda sleek and silicone-y when you blend it in. Doesn't take long for it to be blended so that's good cause I'm all about spending my time to blend the heck out of my eyeshadows, hahaha. I definitely went a little heavy on the swatch, you only need like a dot on each eye and it will do the magic just fine.

I am using NYX's eyeshadow to test it, and as you can see that this base helps to make the color appears more vibrant. The color that I am using is Harlequinn which has this kinda holographic shimmers that you can't see in the picture, but the primer definitely reflects the shimmer better.

Longevity wise, this base seriously held my eyeshadows all day all night long! It doesn't make it crease, it doesn't move, and oh I am just so in love with it. Usually my eyeshadows will fade if not disappear at the end of the day if I don't use any bases because I have slightly oily eyelids. So why settle for RM85 Primer Potion from Urban Decay when you can get a good one for RM15? Well, obviously I've never tried the UD one but if you are looking for a good, cheap one from the drugstore, I will definitely recommend Catrice.

And no, your concealer won't do the same thing girl, trust me, they are both completely different things. I used to be that girl too, who thought that any concealer would do just fine as an eye primer, hahahah girl, NO. It may enhance the pigmentation a bit, but it won't make your eyeshadow lasts all day. So go get yours now!

Pros :

  • Enhance the pigmentation of eyeshadows
  • Make application of eyeshadows a lot smoother
  • Make your eyeshadows lasts all day and night
Cons :
  • As far as I know, Catrice is only available at Guardian stores at the moment. Comment below if you know any other places that sells them!

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