Review : Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

by - Sunday, August 07, 2016

Hello everyone! Okay I gotta admit, brow products are one of my staple makeup products that I know I cannot live without. Such a simple thing like this can actually change your whole look. I used to love Silkygirl's Natural Brow pencil so much. But today I'm gonna share with you guys a product that replaces the Silkygirl one from my makeup routine.

This Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake is a duo eyebrow powder that comes in a small palette that looks like a chocolate piece from a chocolate bar. I appreciate the sleek and slim packaging that makes it easy so carry it around in my purse. The description says that it contains real cacao powder from chocolate that helps to protect eyebrows, keeping skin healthy around eye areas and this eyebrow powder creates a beautifully natural brow.

It comes with a freaking huge mirror which I loveeeee. I find myself gravitating towards this palette instead of my compact powder to be carried in my purse for its mirror so that I don't have to bring other bulky mirrors for touch ups. It also comes with a small brow brush so you don't have to bring a separate brush for travel. Though I found that it is quite hard to work with the brush due to the short handle, so I always use my own brow brush.

As far as color selection goes, there are two types that you can choose from which are #1Gray Khaki Black and #2Gray Brown. I got one in #1 since I have darker hair. It comes with a grey-taupe shade and another one is in dark brown. I abused that dark brown color lol. It's the perfect shade for my liking. I don't really use the lighter shade, and if I do I only use it for the inner part of my eyebrows and dark brown for the rest for that gradient effect. 

As you can see from the swatch above, it may not seems like it is that pigmented, but that is actually a good thing for an eyebrow products, especially for beginners. It is safer to build up the color than going straight with a very pigmented shade that might end up making your eyebrows look a little harsh. So with a pigmentation like this, you can have a control.

close up

Note that I only put the product on my left eyebrow only. I haven't put concealer around my eyebrow hence it looking a little messy. But I can go the day with this look, it doesn't really matter because I think the eyebrow cake already did a great job at giving it shape. I am so not a pro when it comes to eyebrows department, but this product makes it really easy for me to practice because it looks very natural. It gives a soft look, so if you are more towards the bold type of eyebrows, I suggest that you top it off with an eyebrow pencil or pen. 

Is it waterproof? Nope! Well, it's a powder product anyway. But as long as you don't rub the product in contact with water, it will not move. It's not gonna be dissolved just like that when water hits it. It is however, very long lasting. It really lasts all day on me.

Pros : 
  • Very affordable
  • For natural looking brows
  • Long lasting
  • Comes with a mirror and a brush

Cons : 
  • None

Highly recommend!

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  1. Fuhh, thanks for the recommendations. If I ever want to wear eyebrow make up, this is probably what I'm gonna buy

    1. You're welcome babe! Yep trust me, it's worth trying out ^_^

  2. Where did you buy this? And how much does it cost? Thank you. 😉

    1. Hi there! I bought it from for RM15, but unfortunately the don't sell this there anymore. I am not sure where else you can find it, sorry!