Makeup Products I Regret Purchasing

by - Friday, September 23, 2016

I am someone who always always read product reviews before I decide to purchase them. So if you know me or have ever take a peak of my makeup vanity, you'll notice most of my makeup collection are products that are hyped or raved about. However, it is true that not every product will work on everyone. Despite of all the good reviews I read or watched online, here are a list of products that just doesn't work for me.

1. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

It was sooooo hard for me to get my hands on this mascara because it is sold out everywhere! So it really disappoint me with how it performs when I finally got it. It does work in the lengthening and volumizing department, but it is not so bizarre to where it reaches that false eyelash look, at least for me. But that is not the reason why I dislike it. This mascara smudges soooo badly throughout the day. It literally made me feel like a panda the first day I tried this. I would still use this for my top lashes and apply another type of mascara on top just to seal it in. I will never apply it on my bottom lashes though. Don't get the hype of this masara.

2. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara (Brown)

I picked this one out because I wanted a brown mascara for a more natural look. The fibers in it works really great in making my lashes look fuller while keeping it natural and it does not smudge. Unfortunately I cannot stand its awful chemical smell. It smells sooo bad. Usually I won't have issues with products that have a little bit of smell, but this one gives me headache the whole time I was wearing it that I just have to take it off. It lingers even when it is already dried, oh God. I thought I got a bad tube but when I looked up online, it looks like a lot of other people are having the same problem with the scent. I only get to use it twice and I just have to toss it away. It it that bad.

3. Za Mascara Base 

Another mascara product! I bought this one on a whim, thought I can just have a good mascara base to make any of my decent mascaras to work better. But you really have to be careful not to apply too much of it because it can make applying a mascara afterwards harder and just clumps my lashes altogether, which is not a cute look. So I rarely use this.

4. Touch In Sol Style Sepia Gel Eyeliner (Violette)

I purchased this from SaSa a while back but never got the chance to use it because it is super dry. Geez! For a gel eyeliner, this is like putting charcoal on your lid. As you can see I tried to swatch it for you guys  so hard that it just breaks. It is impossible to melt this even with the warmth from your hand before applying it to the lid. Too bad because the color is very pretty. It is a purple gel liner with glitters. 

5. Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil (020 Hey Macadamia Ahey!)

I loveeee this shade so much. It is a brown nude lip pencil from Catrice, very affordable but I don't find it very long lasting tho. I loved using this on its own without applying any other lipstick on top. But the reason I do not like this is, as you can see from the picture above, I cannot sharpen it. It just breaks, like an old wood. I have tried sharpen it using various type of sharpeners, and even the traditional way by using knife, it just doesn't want to be sharpen. Not sure if I just got a bad batch or all of them are like this. Too bad because the color is actually super pretty on the lip. It was my favourite lip product until it became blunt. Tell me if you have tried Catrice's lip liners and whether your's turns out like this!

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