Review : All about the Clarisonic Mia [ The Best Beauty Investment? ]

by - Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happy New Year girls and guyss! I hope you're having a great kick start for the 2017. Put all the bad things in the past let's focus on the present and future aite? What's better than starting my new year post with my favourite skincare for 2016? Introducing *drumrolls and confettis* the original Clarisonic Mia! I am so excited to share with you guys about this magical device that I've been testing out for quite some time now. Mind you that it's going to be a pretty long post hehe. 

If you read my blog post about my current favourite facial wash by Mario Badescu Enzyme Gel Cleanser, I did mentioned that I used that in conjunction with this device and they have been doing wonders for my skin. But first, what is the Clarisonic?

What is Sonic Cleansing?

Clarisonic is a number one cleansing device recommended by the professionals as it uses a sonic system to cleanse the skin 6 times better than using your bare hands alone. Instead of rotating like any other cleansing device, the clarisonic oscillates, which means it moves back and forth at more than 300 movements per second - THAT SPEED THO. And while you're washing your face with this device, it will also help to massage and bring all the impurities within deep pores to the surface of your skin. Sounds amazing right? 

Um don't judge my drawing please, I used paint haha! I hope this makes you clear bout the difference between rotation and oscillation. So why oscillating device is so much better for skin than rotating ones? Basically rotating face brushes can tug at your skin while you're using it which can cause rashes and premature wrinkles. So the sonic cleansing technology works with skin's natural elasticity to loosen up dirt and oil without messing with the skin surface.

I bought my Clarisonic Mia from the Sephora Malaysia website because they only have Clarisonic Mia2 and later edition at my nearby Sephora outlets. I figured that I do not need the Mia2 for the price difference and from the reviews online where people said the original Mia works just as wonder for them. My skin concern was mainly clogged pores and trust me when I said I have tried tonnes and tonnes of skincare to combat these, I really did.

Inside the box, the clarisonic comes with a magnetic charger, sensitive brush head and a Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser. I've never tried the cleanser yet so I can't comment on that. The whole thing costed me RM576. The price of Mia2 has dropped to RM583 instead of RM617 when I was purchasing this so if you're thinking of getting one, I'd say just go for the extra RM7 and you'll have all the cool upgrades in Mia2.

This cleansing device is totally waterproof so you don't have to worry about using it in the shower. The battery lasting power is incredible too! I've only had to charge once since I bought it and it has been a few months. They said it is very gentle that it can be used twice  a day but I personally think that it is too much because it still is going to provide some kind of exfoliation for the skin so I only use it once a day, at night, hence the battery lastign for such a long time.

The clarisonic claims and clinically proven :

1. Cleanses 6X better than hands alone
2. Makes skincare applied after to absorb 61% better
3. Clears breakouts
4. Minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines
5. Improves skin elasticity
6. Increase skin hydration

And yadda yadda, well just basically beautifully transform your overall skin health and appearance! Here's a demo to how it works :

So I applied some bb cream onto the back of my hand and used a makeup cleansing cloth to remove it. My hand looks like it is well cleaned from any makeup right? So as usual I would double cleanse with normal cleanser after taking my makeup off to cleanse my skin. But when I use the clarisonic to clean my face, just look at how dirty the brush head is still! No wonder my cotton pad was always stained when I used toner after cleansing. But since I've been using the clarisonic, I realised that my cotton pad stays so clean and white after toning. This is just bb cream at the back of my hand. Imagine your face with full makeup on? Yikes.

And yes, this happens every single time, no matter what time of makeup remover I used prior cleansing my face. Oil cleanser, Micellar water, wet wipes, the clarisonic brush head will turn stained nonetheless after I use it. This alone just shows how well it picks up the leftover makeup and dirt off my pores. I notice that my skin feels so much cleaner and smoother after every session of cleansing.

I have been using this device since mid July 2016 so it has been approximately 5 months now and man, look at how much my skin has improved! Ignore the major different lightings but I did notice that my skin are getting brighter. That is probably because my skincare have been absorbing into my skin a lot better after cleansing, hence I always wake up with a glow on my face in the morning. And obviously the major difference is how improved my skin in terms of texture.

 I used to have a lot of bumps especially around my forehead and cheeks, and acne used to loveee growing on my chin. But now, I rarely get any pimples! Except for that one tiny itty little one during menstrual cycle. Even so, it will be gone after like, 2 days? The bumps due to clogged pores are totally gone now and my pigmentation has lighten up a lot. I am wearing makeup in both pictures but we can definitely tell that a good clean canvas makes a good painting now right? Now that I look at these pictures I just noticed how dull my skin was and how bright it has become now. Haven't had clear skin in such a long time and now I can finally breathe again lolol. I've got so many compliments and questions about my skin too.

I cannot say enough good things about the Clarisonic. I LOVE IT and I will totally recommend it to anyone with any skin issues. Definitely worth every single cents spent! The best skincare investment I have made for sure. Trust me because I have tried so much cheaper alternatives from the Olay Pro-X facial wash to a manual pore brush, nothing works to clear my skin but this.

Pros :

  • Clears breakout
  • Cleans makeup and dirt very efficiently
  • Removes my bumps completely
  • Brighten the skin 
  • Makes any other topical skincare to work more effectively
Cons : 
  • None! I wanted to say the price but for the result that you're getting, the price tag makes a lot of senses.

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering. Are you still using this thing? Is it really worth the money?

    1. I still do! With the right cleanser, it is totally worth every single penny. I use it every single night.