Review : Royal Expert White Whitening Cream

by - Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello again! I am in the feeling of sharing more skincare loves with you guys so here I am with my current favorite moisturizer! It is the one and only Royal Expert White Whitening Cream. If this your first time hearing about this brand, then I am so honored to be the one introducing it to you muahaha.

This brand is actually from Pakistan and it made its official debut of online website to sell their products in Malaysia on 2009. That was about 8 years ago. I remembered using this cream when I was in high school once. For reasons that I cannot remember, I stopped using it and transitioned towards other moisturizers. But I remembered loving it and how good my it made my skin looks during my teenage years. 

A little background of how I started using this cream. (Skip if you're not interested!)

During my Diploma years, I was one of those girls who totally got sucked in with all the hypes around local skincare products. Probably because I've seen results with my own eyes from my friends who are using them as well. Back then I was uneducated about the mercury content in most local products and the aftermath it can leave your skin with. I've tried probably I would say...three brands of local skincare? None of them improves my skin except making it worse. Ugh, even reminiscing on it already makes me feel stupid enough. Why la I terjebak dengan semua tu? 

Thanks to mostly the Twitter community, because I've started hearing bad things about local skincare products so and seeing my skin just gets worse and worse with all the little pimples and clogged pores, that at one point I was like, that's enough. I am tired of  trying new things, I will just go back to what I know will work. So I started using drugstore skincare again, which are the Gamat cleanser and toner from Safi and a moisturizer from Organic Aid. Those products are the ones that I used during my high school years as well. Alhamdulillah, with those products and the extra help of my beloved Clarisonic Mia, my skin started clearing up. Unfortunately I am left with a lot of scars and hyper pigmentation (forever regretting local products) so I decided to invest in this cream to help lighten them up. I just know it will work!

 I'll have to warn that there is Methylparaben used as preservative for this cream. The arguments about parabens in skincare will never end I guess so it is basically a personal preference. If you want to avoid it, then you do you! I personally am okay with it since I do not want fungal or any bacterias to grow in my products lolol. You can read more about parabens being used in skincare here.

Now reading from the description, it has a lot of claims, huh? I'll list them down for you

Reduce wrinkle
Removes pimples

Are those claims true? Well, keep on reading!

Texture wise, is very interesting. It is more like a balm, rather than a cream. It is very thick but it melts right into your skin once you rub it in. This cream has a minty scent to it and you'll feel a mild cooling sensation when you apply it to your skin, which I loveee. The first time of using it will be very significant, but you'll get used to it and may not realize the cooling sensation anymore after awhile lol. For oily skinned people like me, don't worry. Despite the thickness, it does not make my skin oily at all.

This cream retails for RM125 from their website, but you can get it for cheaper if you buy them in sets of your preferences. I personally get mine from an instagram shop for RM120 and I got this cream, Royal Expert Whitening Soap and a free beauty mask. I use the soap only in the morning because I like to use a more intense cleanser to get rid of my makeup. I do mostly use this cream in the morning. I have about three night creams including this one and switch them up depending on my skin needs at that time. But hey, for using it only once a day now, the result that I'm getting is remarkable. Here's proof in pictures :

I mean, obviously the lighting is totally different but you cannot deny how faded my hyperpigmentation and scars are! My overall skin tone has evened out and brightened. This is after 3 months of using it religiously. Whaa? Just where did most of the pigmentation on my nose and cheeks gone lol! I cannot tell if this cream actually help with pimples because yes, I do not get pimples anymore except for that time of the month but I solely believe that is majorly due to my Clarisonic. But just try it! You won't regret I promise haha.

Hands down, by far the best topical cream ever. You'll see results I can guarantee. Price wise, not very friendly to the pocket but hey, for 50ml? It is so worth it! Almost four months of using it and I'm just at almost half of the tub. Oh yeah, speaking about tub, this does not come with any spatula so if you're afraid of contamination, I would advise using your own spatula instead of your bare fingers. Even if you've already washed them, okay?

You can get your Royal Expert products here

Pros :

  • Brightening
  • Fades acne scars and hyperpigmentation
  • Even out skin tone
  • Just overall makes your skin glow
Cons :
  • none none none, but I do wish they sell it in the drugstores.

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