Drugstore Skincare Products Empties

by - Wednesday, March 08, 2017

1. Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid

I love this cleansing liquid so much! It literally melts down all of my face, eye and lip makeup in an instance. It is so affordable too. I have posted a review on this product here if you would love to know more about it. Currently I am using Senka Perfect Watery Oil which costs slightly higher this one Biore but works just as wonders. So I am going to repurchase, maybe I will go for the Biore one. Comment down below if you want me to do a comparison post on both of them!

2. Organic Aid Moisturizing Cream

Such a basic and simple moisturizer. My skin loves this moisturizer because it did not break me out whatsoever. A lot of the times, I have to be very careful with my sensitive skin because it tends to break out whenever I try new products but this cream works good for me. If you are looking for something moisturizing without any other additional irritants like fragrance or brightening agents, this might be the one for you. I remembered loving this so much during my high school years because it helped me to get rid of my chicken pox scars after prolonged use.

3. Safi Balqis White Trilogy Toner

I used to loveee the older version of this toner so much. But since they reformulated it, seems like it did nothing for my skin except removing the excess dirt on my face after cleansing. But other than that, it is just a basic toner. Will not repurchase

4. Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Toner

Another toner and I am obsessed. It was recommended to me by my friend Jenny. ( Thank you gal!) This toner claims to clear the skin and help to prevent blemishes. I think the second claim is so true. I rarely get any pimples after I start using this bae right here expect for that one pimple during that time of the month. And when I do, this toner helps to shrink my pimple completely within like 3 days. You may think that 3 days is very long to you. But I am someone who prefers to not touch my acne at all, not even spot treating it because often times it will lead to scarring issues. So when I was not using this toner and an acne pops out, It will usually take more than a week for it to completely disappear. I am testing out Son & Park Beauty Water right now as my toner but I would love to repurchase this bae again next time.

5. Good Virtues Co. Helpful & Delightful Multiple Repair Hair Serum

Not a skincare but I thought I would just include it in. I did enjoy using this serum but I probably wouldn't repurchase. Simply because it is so thick so it takes a little bit of time to completely be absorbed into my hair and leaving me with greasy hands. But other than that, loved the earthy smells and the effect that it gives to my hair which are soft and smooth.

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