Matte Lipsticks : Why, What and How

by - Thursday, March 09, 2017

When you decided that you want to buy lipstick to be added into your collection, and you’re aiming for the usual type, think again, take a step back and get a matte lipstick instead. Matte lipsticks are taking the beauty world by storm for its wearability which is said to be way better than usual lipsticks. Be it whether it comes in the usual solid form, or liquid, the matte finish gives off a modern vibe to the finished makeup look. Plus, they also come in variety shades that normal lipstick don’t usually have. So you're saying that you're new to matte lipsticks and you’re not sure which shade to get? Don’t worry! This handy guide will help you get through your new love for matte lipstick.


The most obvious choice is of course, the classic red. But why bother getting a red matte lipstick when you already have so many reds in your collection? The formulation difference between a matte lipstick and normal lipsticks is on the longevity. A very good quality matte lipstick can help you survive through your dinner date because it is basically lasts a lot longer, even after a meal! Imagine when you already applied your red lipstick on, it boosted up your confidence and suddenly after a meal or drink when you check back on your lips in the mirror, you get this horrible situation where your lip colour disappears on the inner rim of your lips. Ew! Everyone's fear. The colour red itself comes in different intensity meaning you can wear it as light as possible or as deep as possible. You can wear it lighter for that barely there look or thick for an obvious sexy pout.

I recommend : 

1. BBIA - Last Lipstick 01 Provocative (Matte)

2. Maybelline Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Lipstick [#1 Scarlet Red]


Sometimes it is hard to find any nude or brown shade with normal lipstick formula that will stay long enough for it to look pretty on you. When it comes to matte lipstick though, its formula sets onto your lips directly and doesn’t budge unless you eat something oily. Nude matte lipsticks are my go to lip colours for everyday wear or when I want that no makeup makeup look. Brown shades are getting more popular in the market since Kylie Jenner releases her own matte liquid lipsticks. People have been testing and finding out different brands and colors of matte lipsticks to dupe hers. So if you don't have any matte browns or nudes in your collection yet, I would say it's a must have!

I recommend:

1. SimplySiti Lipstick LC 07 SE Absolute Matte Nirmala

2. Farmasi Colour CosmeticsMatte Lipstick 27 (Hot Tahiti)


Don’t be scared away! It may be too brave for some people but there are definitely awesome variations in matte lipstick version of the colour purple that’s great for everyone. Certain shades are very wearable on daily basis actually. You don’t have to buy the real purple. It can be something that’s more like wine red, burgundy or mauve. These are neutral purples that look amazing on any skin tone.

I recommend :

1. Farmasi Colour Cosmetics Matte Lipstick 28 (Violetta In Plum)

2. MEMEBOX Punky Hoy Matt Lipstick #01 Mannish Red


Tips and Tricks On Using Matte Lipsticks

1. Scrub

Make sure you exfoliate or scrub your lips because matte lipstick looks ten times better on smooth lips. If you have dry chapped lips, you gotta treat it first. The last thing you want is your dead skin cells on to clumps with the liquid lipsticks applied. Yikes!

 2. Moisturize

Always moisturize and hydrate yourself and your lips. This is important because sometimes the matte lipsticks could be settling into the lines of our lips if you don't moisturize them beforehand. You will notice that the matte lipsticks will glide on better upon application on smooth and plumped lips. So just use your favourite lip balm before applying you matte lipsticks!

3. Be Quick
Other than that, be quick when applying because some matte lipsticks dry faster. So it can get tricky to build up the intensity once it is dried and set. Also, avoid smacking your lips together like you usually do after applying normal lipstick because it can cause unevenness to the color applied.

So there you go, super easy and I hope you enjoy your matte lipstick journey soon!

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