Review : The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

by - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Is there such thing as 'too much of highlight'? With all of the obsessions over highlighters in 2016 towards 2017, pretty sure the answer to that question to a lot of people is heck No. But for me, yes. There is such thing as too much of a highlighter, but it's just personal preferences aite.

But that does not mean I don't enjoy blinding people with my highlight. I LOVE TO. LOL. To me, if it's not blinding, it is not worth it. Unless you purposely buying one for a natural makeup look, then maybe, it's gonna be worth it. Buuuut, if you're looking one that is really gonna kill it in terms of the price and quality, this is what I will usually suggest to people. Most of the time, this is where my confidence comes from when my face hit the light, no exaggeration.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is a gold highlighter, which suits people with deeper skin tones the most. I would say that my complexion is more towards the medium shade, so this thing complements my skin perfectly. I have tried several pearly highlighters and didn't really enjoy them. I personally think that warm colors suit me the best, hence why I love this highlighter so much, colorwise.

First, let's talk about the packaging. I really appreciate the fact that it comes with a good size mirror because I don't have to bring a pocket mirror anymore whenever I take this along with me for touch ups. Comes with 8.5g of product, it is packaged slim without any bulkiness, so I can save a lot of space in my makeup pouch. Hate bulky makeup packagings. Love the vintage print, just like any other The Balm products, they nailed it.

The pigmentation tho, gurlllllllll, it is insane! Insanely good. Like, perfectly insanely good. Literally just one swipe onto the product with my brush, one swipe to the cheek and it gets the job of blinding done. It just makes you glow. It is not a glittery highlight, which is a huge thumbs up. It is shimmery, but not to the point where it looks chunky because the texture is finely mild, like a soft almost creamy powder. You can definitely build up the intensity if you want to. I use it on my cheeks, browbones, nose, forehead, well.. pretty much all over my face yet it still looks dang prettay without being too much.

Blended, see how it catches the light!

The only downside to this highlighter to me is that it is so fragile and brittle. Just don't travel with it. My heart breaks seeing this thing shattered, but I fixed it! Hence why it looks a bit uneven on the pan if you see the second picture. Comment below if you want me to do a tutorial on how to fix broken powder makeups.

It did lasts all day long for me, I don't have to worry about touching up unless if I have to remove it for prayers of course. Overall, I am totally satisfied and would recommend it to everybody who's seeking for a highlighter that won't disappoint you, at all. Two thumbs up!

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