Review : Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50 PA++++

by - Monday, April 10, 2017

Hey everyone! Whether you like it or not, sun protection is crucial to prevent your skin from variety skin problems including aging, dark spots, pigmentation, cancer, and the list goes on and on. Nope, you cannot solely depend on the SPF content in your bb creams or moisturizers to do the protection for you 'cause they're just not enough. There are ton of choices of sunscreen in the market and today I am gonna write about my favourite one from the drugstore!

The first time I used this sunscreen was when I was in high school. I was looking for the best sunscreen to bring with me on a parade competition ( I represented for scouts!) at my school. I remembered picking this up for the oil control claim and the good reviews that it gets online. It was scorching hot but my face felt so comfortable that it didn't sweat much at all. So after the parade was over, I went to the toilet along with my friends, flipping my hijab away from my face to check on the tan line and to my surprise, I didn't had any! I knew exactly on that spot that I had fall in love with this thing.

First, let's talk about the fact that it provides such a hugeee amount of sun protection; SPF50+ PA++++ girl! If you don't know yet, the SPF value is for UVB protection and the PA is for UVA protection. Both of the SPF and PA value for this sunscreen is very high, so I know I'll be well protected as long as I apply enough amount of product on my face for maximum protection.

As the name suggests, the consistency of this sunscreen is very much like a milk, a very runny white and opaque liquid. Something different than your normal creamy sunscreens. So you need to shake the bottle up before pouring it out to make sure the product inside is thoroughly mixed. There was one time that I forgot to shake the bottle up and only clear liquid comes out when I poured it onto my palm lol.

One of the reasons I think most people do not want to apply sunscreen is because of the white cast that it gives. Well I'll say that you just haven't found the right one. Though this one from Biore still have a tint of white cast, it is not too crazy. Actually, it looks like it brightens up the face a little instead of looking like I have a white powder masked on. It dries down a matte finish which is a huge plus for people with oily skin as it also works great as a makeup base.

Comes in a screw cap bottle containing 30ml amount of product is really not that much, but to be honest, for the price point and the performance, this product is a major win for me. It's only about RM30+- at Watsons, and you can also find it at other drugstores like Guardian and SaSa. I have tried several other ones from Biore like the Aqua Rich Watery Essence, Aqua Rich Watery Jelly and from other brands, but I keep coming back to this one. Until now, I think that my finding-the-perfect-sunscreen journey is over lol, I am just gonna recommend this one to anyone who asks.

Pros :

  • Oil Control
  • Matte finish
  • Waterproof
  • Sweat resistant
  • Easy to absorb
  • Really works to avoid sun tan
  • Affordable
Cons : 
  • Can't think of any!

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