Review : RiRe Lucent White Pearl Cream

by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You will recognise this product if you have read my night skincare routine. This is a korean brand moisturizer that promises to brighten and helps with wrinkles. I got mine from Althea, I am not sure if you can get this product in any physical stores here in Malaysia, but you can easily find it online.

Packaging wise, it looks so modern and feels luxurious, I love the color of this jar as it makes it kind of holographic when light hits the dome. For some reasons when I took it out of the box it reminded me of a pokeball lol.

When you open up the lid, there is a separator covering the product, I guess it is to avoid leaking if you want to travel with it. Underneath is the actual product that is going to shook you like it shooked me. They are little pearlssss! OMG. I literally screamed because I was so amazed at how pretty the moisturizer is lol. These little balls or pearls are soaked in essences of goodness. When you move the jar around, little specks of pearlescent glitters are showing. SO. PRETTY.

You're provided with a spatula to scoop out the product, which is super convenient because I really don't want to dip in my fingers inside the essence trying to take a pearl out lol. They suggest to take 3 to 4 pearls per usage, but I always only take one or two at most, at a time, oops. I found one pearl is enough to moisturize my small face.

I crush the pearl onto my palm first and then apply the bits and pieces to my face. The pieces will melt once rub onto the skin, and you'll be left with these magical pearlescent specks all over your face. Just look at my palm. Hence, why I only use it at night time lolol. I am not sure how sparkly it will leave your skin if you use more than two pearls, but if you do use only one, rest assured that it won't actually make you look like a disco ball or anything like that, haha. On your face, it will look like you have this natural healthy glow and dewy skin.

My face always look brighter and plumper when I wake up in the morning. I did use it a few times for day time moisturizer and it does not make me oily or anything. So I'd say it's a great day and night time moisturizer! It's just that I love my Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel more for day time for smoother foundation application.

I do think that it helps to brighten my skin a little bit over time, but I can't really comment about the anti wrinkle claim as I don't have any issue with that yet. Will I repurchase? Maybe, but not anytime soon because prefer a moisturizer that comes in a pump or anything simpler. As much as I do enjoy my skincare routine, I don't really want to spend time disinfecting spatula, scooping and crushing pearls each time I need to apply a moisturizer lol. But overall, it's a great product!

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