Review : Son & Park Beauty Water

by - Tuesday, June 20, 2017

If you're into K-Beauty, I bet this product won't be a stranger to you. It has been raved about by sooooo many Korean youtubers, bloggers, and celebrities. This beauty water is doubles up as a cleansing water and a moisturizing toner. So you're really saving a buck.

I love the packaging so much. Very sleek and simple, it makes the product looks a little fancy. Well, it is a little expensive, lol. Thank goodness I got it for free from Althea contest once. Hehe Thank you Althea! I mean, if it were not because of them, I'd never spend myself more than RM100+ for a toner hehe. Not while I am still a student. It comes with 340ml product in a see through screw cap bottle. Though, this toner is packed with beautiful natural ingredients such as rose water, lavender water, coconut, and fruit extract that are very beneficial for the skin. So, ya know you're getting high quality product for such price.

Be careful when pouring this out, as the name suggest, it is very watery, but the opening is quite large. When I first used it I jerk the bottle a little bit, thinking the opener will dispense the product out drop by drop. I ended up with beauty water all over my lap, lol. Learned the lesson! Make sure you tilt the bottle just a little bit and let the liquid to pour out onto your cotton pad.

This beauty water is aweeeesome as a makeup remover. It works just like your ordinary micellar water. It really removes my stubborn waterproof mascara, liquid lipsticks you name it! just one swipe, and viola! But if you're buying this only as a makeup remover is like...why u so extra, haha just go and buy garnier or simple's micellar water lah, works just the same. I personally LOVE this as a toner. After I cleanse my skin, I'll just take this with a cotton pad and wipe it all around my face, neck, behind the neck, and behind the ears. It feels so refreshing, and moisturizing. Since I don't use my clarisonic on my neck, and my cleanser alone is not enough to clean any foundation traces on the neck area, this beauty water will clean the excess makeup there like a breeze.

There's really not much to say about this product, it does the job that a regular moisturizing toner should do. Will I repurchase? Maaaybe. But personally, for my acne prone skin, I'd prefer my Eucerin Dermopurifyer a lot more because that toner is da bomb in preventing acne. This toner is great for cleansing and adding some moisturization to your skin, so it's great for everybody. If you need a little bit of help with acne or pigmentation, try something with a little bit of exfoliation instead such as salicylic acid.

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