Review : The Balm Nude Tude Palette and Hot Mama Blush

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

More The Balm reviews! Today I want to talk about two other products that I got from The Balm which are the Nude Tude eyeshadow palette and their Hot Mama Blusher. Let's start with the eyeshadow palette.

This palette consists of 12 variety color selections and comes in a cardboard packaging which I adore because they are less bulky and won't get any dents in case they knock on anything or fell. The Balm products always have this cool vintage designs on them which is so pretty! Retails about RM223 on Sephora online but you can get it sooo much cheaper from SaSa outlets. They sell them for only RM155 last time I check, and sometimes they'll be discounted so you can get it for even less.

The palette comes with a mini dual ended brush that is not very useful, but I appreciate it. The brush and the mirror makes it a travel friendly palette. You'll get a nice variety of neutral shades from a shimmery white to a deep burgundy and matte black. What could go wrong? And I really like the way they name each colors too. They're like confidence booster haha.

And while I was editing this picture I realized that I swatched Stand-offish twice haha! As a whole, the quality of these shadows are amazing! They are buttery soft, and super pigmented. Though I would advice to be careful when depositing the darker shades because of the fact that it is very pigmented. A touch on the colors with brush and a lot of tapping of the excess would do the trick.

There are 4 mattes, 4 shimmery and 4 glittery shades in here. Snobby is a great highlighting color for deeper skin tones and Sassy is great for highlighting the inner eye corners. 

My favourite shade would be 'Sexy' which is the reason I got this palette for. I've been looking for a good deep burgundy red eyeshadow and this one is perfect to get that smokey eyes look yet still is very wearable on daily basis. I like to pair Sexy on the crease and Selfish on all over the lid if I want a darker look on my eyes.

But I found myself to really maximise the use out of all the colors in this palette. There is not even one shade that I've never use or do not like. I love em all! It is my first eyeshadow palette from The Balm and I am already in love! Would love to get more when I have the chance.

Moving on, Hot Mama Blush has been raved about being a dupe for NARS's Orgasm. I do not own the Orgasm so I can't compare the two. So my opinion would be solely on this product itself and the performance.

Sexy packaging! My bae gave me a weird look when I pulled this out of my makeup pouch hahaha! I like to take this with me for reapplication again, because of the packaging. Very compact and I do not have to worry about it being shattered or crack if it falls. Cardboard packaging ftw! This one as you can see priced at RM75 at SaSa, and RM93 at Sephora online. Man, the difference.

Hot Mama is beautiful coral pink blush with very fine golden shimmers in it. I love using this on days where I don't really want to put on a full face of makeup that includes highlighters and all, when I want the natural look but still look healthily glowing. 

I am not sure about people with lighter skin tones, but for me honestly the pigment isn't really showing on my skin unless I build it up. The shimmers tends to deposit first on my cheeks, then I have to swirl my brush in the product couple more times till the coral color actually show up on my cheeks. But again, it could be due to my medium skin tone. 

Staying power is fairly good. It lasts about half of the day. I don't mind reapplying, but I'd rely on my Tarte Amazonian clay blushers if I want my blush to last all day long. That shiz is good! Do I think this one is worth it? Yes, if you want a dupe for NARS's orgasm, just look at the pictures online. Some even said that this one is way more pigmented than the NARS's.

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  1. I don't own the blusher but I have theBalm Frat Boy and it's actually one of my all time favourites powdered blush! I'd love to try Tarte blushes next. Which shade do you like the most?

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. I've heard so many good things about the Frat Boy too! Might try it one day hehe. Currently I am owning only two tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, they are in the shades Unstoppable and Partaaay, which I believe both of them are not in the permanent collection. Hard to choose between the two but if I have to, Partaaay would be it! It is such a gorgeous natural pink that I think would go well with any skin tone. One way you can get it for free is from Sephora Birthday Gift Kit if you're a black or gold card member :D