Review : Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild

by - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hello again! Let's just get straight to the point. This product is just an okay cleanser for me and here are the reasons why.

I was looking for a good gentle cleanser because ya'll know homegirl can never stick to just one product unless she really really really really loves it. I mean, the Mario Badescu Enzyme cleanser had done amazing for my skin, it's just that I am bored and wanted to try out something new since I ran out of it. Mengada kan? So since I fall in love with Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (review coming soon), I thought I would give their cleanser a try.

I was debating on which one to get because there are certain types of them for every skin type. I remembered how my skin don't really react well towards foaming cleansers if I use them with my Clarisonic, so i went ahead and bought the Extra Mild (Type 1) since it's the only one out of the three types that do not lather up.

The texture of this cleanser is like a lightweight creamy formula with mild sweet scent. It's fragrance free though. As I said, the cleanser doesn't lather up, but it turns into a milky consistency once in contact with water. It would suit better if they call this a milky cleanser instead of liquid soap.

Turns into a milky texture once in contact with water

To be honest, I don't really like using this with my clarisonic. It somehow leaves my clarisonic unclean, kind leaves like a film of oil even after several rinse. I have to use a different soap to make sure the clarisonic head is totally clean after every wash. There being said, I only use this cleanser in the morning as I need to use my clarisonic at night time to get rid of every trances of makeup. And it works greaaaat as a very gentle moisturizing morning cleanser. Like my brush head, my face also experience that film of slickness after I rinse the cleanser off, but it doesn't make my skin oily or anything throughout the day. More like it moisturizes my face. Perfect if you don't like that type of cleansers that strip off all of the natural oil on your face.

Do I experience any big changes with this cleanser? Well, other than it does not cause my skin to produce more oil like most of other foaming cleansers do, nah. Oh yeah maybe a little change. I notice that I get more clogged pores when I was using this for my night cleanser, even when I do double cleanse with oil makeup remover first. So I guess it does not do a great job at removing makeup. Bear in mind that this cleanser is recommended for people with very dry to dry skin, but it works okay for my combination skin as well. I mean, if you're someone who do not wear makeup on regular basis, this would be a great moisturizing daily and nightly cleanser. But for me, I'd totally need something that is stronger to clean my skin during the night. Type 2 or 3 of this cleanser probably would suit me better. Just because it doesn't work for me does not mean it won't work for your skin. Until then, see ya!

Pros :
  • Moisturizing
  • Very gentle
  • Do not strip the oil from the face
Cons :
  • Some people may despise the film it leaves after rinsing
  • Doesn't do well at removing makeup

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  1. Hi, recently i bought this cleanser bcs the SA recommended it to me. I hv combination skin as well. How long hv you been using this cleanser? And When you say you get more clogged pores, does it mean you got more black heads after using this? Hope you can answer it. Thankyou.

    1. Hi, I have been using it a little over a month now. My skin memang very easily clogged up if I don't clean it properly before I sleep, so as this cleanser doesn't really clean my skin well from all that makeup and dirt, I notice a lot of whiteheads around my nose and some bumps on my cheeks. But now that I only use it in the morning, my skin starts clearing up again, yela it only need to clean my oil from my skin that I produce overnight kan, haha.