Review : Colorpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Lunch Money

by - Thursday, November 23, 2017

I am just gonna assume that everybody here knows Colorpop, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain anymore about this brand. I mean, if you don’’re missing out. BIG TIME.

So I decided to make an online purchase from their website. If you don’t know yet, they ship to Malaysia for free with a minimum purchase of 50 dollars. That would be around RM205+ at the current currency change. So gather your friends and sisters and make an order now! I decided to try out some of their lip products, and this highlighter. For their super affordable price, I am pretty sure nothing can go wrong, especially with all the hypes that they have been getting all over the internet.

I decided to get only one highlighter only so it was really a though decision to make because they got a variety of shades. After hundreds of reviews and swatches online, I went for Lunch Money, which is a beautiful pearlized golden yellow shade, suits for my warm complexion. And it's only for 8$ = RM 33

It comes in this cute round pot with gram of product. Similar with the eyeshadows, the texture is very interesting. It feels a little wet, sort of creamy wet, but it dries down powdery just like a normal highlighter. I have played with it a lot and I would say that the best applicator for this highlighter is, your finger. I feel like the warmth from your finger actually helps to really blend the highlight into the skin, versus using a brush or sponge which can appear patchy at times.

I love it on its own for a simple makeup look when I don’t want too much of makeup but still want to have that healthy glow. It’s beautiful in person, but won’t appear as much on camera. But if you wear this underneath a powder highlight, wooh! Your cheeks will be poppin'!

I really have no single complain about this baby. Obviously, I have hit pan before remembering to do a review on it. It’s cheap for the amount you’re getting, it’s beautiful, and lasts very long on the skin, what else could you ask for?! But then again, if you are not fancy for a subtle highlighter, you can try out my ultimate favourite, the Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm. Now that, will never disappoint you.

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