Review : Soap & Glory Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream

by - Saturday, November 18, 2017

I have an oily skin, but it's a different story for my hands and legs. They are always so dry especially when I stay too long in an AC room. Thus, a hand cream has always been a must have in my hand bag everywhere I go. I picked this up from Sephora a while back because, I am not gonna lie, the pink packaging. How can anyone resist this, it's so cute!

Soap & Glory is infamous for their scents, it's gonna be weird if they come out with a product that do not smell good. This one in particular,is scented with Rose and Bergamot. Guys, if you ever go to Sephora, just go to the Soap & Glory counter and have a sniff on this product, you're not gonna be disappointed. Rose is my favourite flower and my favourite scent when it comes to fragrances. I always, always buy perfumes that is rose scented. 

This hand cream is formulated with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow.. I know right? A pause moment there, who would have thought to put marshmallow in their lotion, but you know what? WHY NOT! And alongside with that, they also have a lot of other seed oils in their ingredients for the moisturization that you need.

After applied

The texture is very thick, and to be honest I was kind of disappointed as weirdly enough, I thought that the cream inside is going to be pink. But oh well! I guess you should never expect too much? This much of product as in the picture is enough for one arm, at least for me. It is very moisturizing, but the moisture does not last very long on me. It's like, the effect is very temporary. It's not a treating hand cream, where it will make your hand smoother and softer after a certain number of times wearing it. I apply it on my hands every single day, yet I still don't notice any huge difference other than it keeping my hands soft and moisturized for few hours only. In addition, it takes a while to really absorb into the skin, and may leave an oily feeling which isn't my favorite when it comes to hand creams.

Overall, it's good to have in your handbag. But I just can't wait to finish this one up so that I can use other lotions. It's just not something that I would repurchase for my very dry hands, but if your skin is already naturally moisturized and you just want a little something extra to care, this would be perfect. It would make a great gift too for the price! I can't remember the exact price, tried to look up online, can't find it elsewhere than Lazada, but they're selling it for pretty ridiculous price. I'm sure I bought it for less than RM50.

Pros :

  • Affordable
  • You get 125ml of product which is going to last you very long
  • Smells so good
  • Cute packaging
Cons :
  • Leaves a greasy feeling if applied too much
  • Takes a while to absorb
  • Moisture effect is temporal
  • Only available at Sephora 

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