6 Reasons Why You Should Get Beauty Sleep

by - Saturday, December 23, 2017

If you're reading this after 10pm, I would suggest you turn your device off and read my article tomorrow morning. Beauty sleep is called beauty sleep for a reason; because it's real. A test is done by the LadyLike crews where they get different hours of sleep to see if there's any difference in their overall appearance and experience the next morning. If you haven't yet, you should totally check out the video down below :

Human biological clock is amazing. We have all heard and learned that we should get 8 hours of sleep a day. Logically if you're a working person or a school student, you should wake up at 6am or later. So to get a full 8 hours of sleep, you would have to sleep at 10pm, which, not a lot of us are able to achieve. Researchers studied that our body actually starts to repair itself at 11pm until 4am during our sleep. The key here is to get an optimum amount of sleep. Imagine when you actually starts to sleep at 3am? How much interruption have you caused to your body system? And why is beauty sleep so important? 

Prevent and Heals Breakouts

It will be very obvious to tell around our eyes when we don't get enough of sleep. But actually, it affects more than just the eyebags and dark circles. Our skin will heal a lot faster when we are asleep, therefore if you're suffering from breakouts, you should check your sleeping schedule. Not getting enough sleep makes our body lethargic and causes stress, hence contributes to breakouts.

Brighter Eyes

Regarding to point one, I mean, obviously right? Reasons why we get eyebags when we're tired is due to accumulation of blood vessels under the eyes. Lack of sleep causes interruption to flushing out of excess fluids, so they just gather up under the eyes. I mean, pandas are cute with the black eyes, but you're not. So get some sleep!

Maximize Products Potential

What's the point of slathering expensive skincare routines when they can't work at their maximum potential? Skin cells regenerates during our sleep to reveal a brighter and smoother skin. Now imagine your skin doing this along with the help of your products? Your skin will thank you for sleeping hours earlier.

Healthier Hair

Stress due to lack of sleep will cause your hair to be brittle and dull. Your blood circulation will be efficient when you sleep early and enough, and this includes the blood circulation through your scalp. If you need to study for exams, it is better to wake up earlier than to sleep late. Sleep at 10am and wake up at 4am, to study. Do this within a week and you'll definitely feel a lot better. Say no more to dandruff, hair fall and brittle hair!

Reduce signs of aging

During the middle two hours of your sleep, a hormone called melatonin increases. This hormone helps with skin protecting antioxidant. Yes! You can get antioxidant not only from your diet, but also from your sleep! Antioxidant helps with preventing free radicals from sun exposure that can cause fine lines and damage collagen. God is amazing, it's free to just sleep. Why waste it?

Toxic cleanse

Let's admit it, we all head to the toilet first thing in the morning when we wake up. When we're asleep, our body does a full toxic cleanse to clean all the unnecessary bad stuff from our body. Clearer body means clearer skin. No wonder people who don't get enough sleep tend to fall sick more frequently. Forget about detox waters and teas, just get enough of sleep!

Keep in mind that beauty sleep is does not affect the outside alone, but your overall inner health and mind as well. If you feel like you're lacking in performance at your job or study, try to sleep earlier. Your brain will function better making you more alert, and overall performance of health and beauty will improve. I realize that I often got sleepy in classes if I sleep any later than 10pm. Happy sleeping!

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