Beauty Empties

by - Thursday, January 04, 2018

1) Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Gel Cleanser

I have a full review on it that you can read here. Basically one of the good drugstore cleansers out there for acne prone skin. It is very gentle and does help with my breakout a little if not much? Will I repurchase? Probably yes. The Mario Badescu cleanser is still the best gentle cleanser for me, but that one will work better with the use of clarisonic. I prefer this cleanser if I’m just washing my face with my hands due to the foam.

2) Biore Makeup Cleansing wipes.

THE BEST drugstore makeup wipes, hands down. I’ve featured this makeup remover a few times already in my blog. Worth every extra penny you’re spending over other drugstore makeup wipes. It is very gentle and very effective. I’ll never switch. 100 percent will repurchase over and over again, lol.

3) Thermal Water Sprays

There are two brands of thermal sprays that I have finished using. Thermal water is thermal water, but I do like one of this more than the other, and you’re going to be surprised. I love to keep them in my bag, or on my desk when I want a quick moisture when my skin feels dry. I also sometimes use them to refresh my makeup when they start clinging onto my dry patches or start to crease. I loveeeed the Watsons brand more than the Clinelle one. They’re both very moisturizing for me, but what makes the Watsons one better is actually the way it mists. The mist is super fine that it feels like almost nothing on the face. Whereas with the Clinelle one, sometimes I get big water droplets and takes more time to dry. So yeah, not much difference, but of course I’ll choose Watsons because it’s a lot cheaper.

4) Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Triple Beauty Vitamin

Don’t be disguised, the small bottle is really going to last you very long, because this hair vitamin is really thick. A little thicker than Ellipse hair capsules if you’re familiar with those. But it depends on your hair length also lah, I usually only use one to two pumps for my mid length hair, just for the ends. Hmmmm, how am I going to say this? Because of the texture being super thick, it takes some time to really absorb in, thus I don’t really like it. I like their argan oil way better due to the light texture. But if you don’t care about the texture go ahead! Because it is a great hair vitamin nonetheless, it makes my hair really soft, smooth and less frizzy. Recommended!

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