Current Favorites

by - Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hello! Today's post is going to be about my absolute favorites for the current being. I have certain products that I've talked about before so it's more like a rediscovery favorite. Keep on reading!

Satin Pillow Case

    Satin pillow case is definitely a life changer for your hair! I’ve always read on how better they are versus cotton ones for your hair, and I’m so glad that I experienced it myself. I wake up with less frizzy and more manageable hair in the morning. Usually with cotton pillow cases, I’ll wake up with kinked hair because they’re just too rough for my hair. But with this one my natural waves just fall into place neatly. Gosh I hope you can understand my explanation. But my verdict is, I think everyone should change their pillow cases now! It's definitely softer and better for your skin too if you're a slide sleeper. I got mine from Spotlight. They’re a tad bit pricier than normal cotton pillow cases, sure. But it is definitely worth every penny.

Good Virtues & Co. Hair Serum

     I had to chop off a few inches of my hair because my hairdresser told me that the ends are quite damaged. For someone who doesn’t use hot tools for her hair at all, I find it really weird. She asked if I used any serums for my hair and all I used for treatment, other than my normal shampoo and conditioner is just my 100% Argan Oil. She told me that oil isn’t really the best for our hair, but serum is. Something to do with the absorption rate, which kind of makes sense because yeah, sure my hair was better than not using the oil at all, but it wasn’t the best. So I went to the drugstore and picked up my old trusty hair serum that I know would work just as good if not better for my locks. Pfft, I have no idea why did I ever stopped using it. You can read the full review that I wrote a while back here!

Eucerin White Therapy Cleansing Gel

      My absolute favourite drugstore gel cleanser! You know how I loveee the Mario Badescu cleansing gel, but that can quite break the bank sometimes, so I had to look for a cheaper alternative. It was an accidental find for me because I tried one that belongs to my sister lol. I didn’t realise it at first, but after about a month of using it I realise that my acne scars were fading fairly quickly. I refused to believe it at first, because I never think a cleanser can do that much apart from cleansing and it must be other products that I was using at that moment. But to be fair, it was the only product that I recently changed in my routine. So I looked up online and to my surprise, it does claim to brighten hyperpigmentation. My scars usually takes foreeeever to lighten up, so this cleanser had since then become one of my favourites!
Holika Holika Water Drop Tint Bomb

      This was a gift from my lovely friend, Eika. She got it when she was in Korea, (Thank you darl!) and ohhh my god. I love it! This is a lip tint, in a stick form. The color that I got is in #1 Cherry Water which is a very wearable and natural red. I usually use this for a full lip color and I’m good to go. If I want a little something, I’ll add other darker lipstick on the inner part of my lips for that gradient effect. It doesn’t add any moisture nor dryness to my lips. It feels like the stick melts into water when you glide this on the lips, which feels very interesting. And I loveeee how the stick is shaped into a water drop. It makes the application so easy. The only thing is that you should apply lip balm after you put this on, not before. Or else the color won’t really transfer well onto your lips.

Johnson & Johnson's Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion

    I love to moisturize my hands, but I just can’t stand the greasy feeling of a lot of hand creams in the market. Aloe vera gel is not doing enough for my dry hands. This one, is just perfect! Love the smell, love how fast it absorbs into your skin without greasy feeling because it’s completely oil free!

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