6 Alternative Usages for Skincare Products That Don't Work for You

by - Friday, August 10, 2018

Do you have skincare products that doesn't do you any good and you just don't know what to do with them? Don't throw them away just yet! Read on to know what other stuffs you can do with it to not waste your money :)

1. Cleansers

Often times when I have cleanser that doesn't work for me, I just use them to wash my makeup brushes. They work wonders, especially foam cleansers! Don't worry, if it is gentle enough for your skin, it should be gentle enough for your makeup bristles. Other than foaming cleansers, you can also use micellar water if you have one that you don't really like.

2. Toner

Toner is great to remove excess makeup and dirt, right? If you have one that you don't like, dries your skin or breaks you out, use it to wipe your lips, back of neck and the back of your ears. Those areas need some loves too. You will be amazed to see the dirt that is collected on your cotton pad, yikes! hahaha.

If you have watery toners that contain alcohol, you can even use it to clean surfaces like your phone screen and wrist watch.

3. Exfoliator

Sometimes we accidentally buy scrubs that are too rough for our sensitive skin, and they end up breaking us out. You can definitely use them to prep your skin before shaving or waxing your body. Exfoliating is an important step before you wax to ensure cleaner and easier waxing because you're basically removing the dead skin cells layering on your skin. Therefore you'll have closer shave and waxing. Yeah, that St. Ives Apricot Scrub that everyone warns you about? Just use it to scrub areas like your underarms, arms and legs before hair removal!

4. Moisturizer

If you're like me and a lot of moisturizers seem to break you out, use it as a hand or body lotion instead. So don't waste your money on another hand lotion! Just export your moisturizer into a squeeze travel bottle and pop it in your handbag. It is a plus if that moisturizer contains SPF.

Apart from that, you can also use any creams, be it hand cream or face cream that doesn't work for you or expired as leather conditioner. Yep, just slather them on your leather handbags or sofas using cotton cloth, and they will look as good as new!

5. Oil Serum

Not everyone can get the benefits of using oils as part of our skincare routine, especially in this hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, you name it. Despite all the great things that I heard about them, they just break me out. So instead of using it for the face, I used the remaining oils to hydrates my nail cuticles and hair ends. Use it every night before bed, and you will realize changes in less than a month of how healthier they look.

6. Lip Balm

I'm sure you don't own just one single lip balm, right? Well, at least most of us have multiples, but we only use the ones that we love. And the less loved one is just left unused and untouched lol. Don't worry tho! You can actually make use of it to avoid blisters. A lot of lip balms contain beeswax in it, and you can just slather some into your shoes on the areas that always gives you blisters like the heels. It will help to lessen the friction between your feet and the shoes. Just reapply as needed.

When all else fails, you can always sell them at Carousell! Just make sure that your products are not expired and the amount is legit to be resold as preloved item lol. And always make sure to sanitize everything before you ship them out. I do sell some of my skincare and makeup items that are unused or preloved, you can check them out here : https://my.carousell.com/imanridzuan

Disclaimer : Pictures are used for illustration purpose only, they are not products that don't actually work for me. In fact, I love each and every one of them dearly as my beauty routine!

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