More Beauty Empties!

by - Tuesday, September 04, 2018

As much as I wish I could try everything out there in the market, my sensitive skin tells me nah, so the products that I am going to mention, you probably have read about on my previous posts. That is because I do repurchase products that I believe in, a lot! Thank god a lot of them are from drugstore, so it doesn't break my bank too much hahaha. So shall we start?

1. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk 

If you guys know me, you know how I loved this sunscreen so much. It was basically my baby. I would say it is a perfect sunscreen if you have an oily or combination skin. I did repurchase another bottle already, which means I am on my fifth bottle. Wow, right? What I really like about it is that it mattifies your skin so I don't bother putting on primer before makeup because this sunscreeen already acts as a good base.

However I feel like lately my skin is becoming pretty dry, so I switch up between this and my Innisfree Eco Safety Sunblock. The Innisfree one is a creamy sunblock so it doesn't mattify my skin like this one, which I much prefer at the moment. For the in depth review, click here.

2. Son & Park Beauty Water

This works soooo well than any other micellar water I've tried. It takes off even the most waterproof mascara that I own, very well without me having to rub my eyes. But I use this more as a toner than a makeup remover and I think that it does the job just as good. My skin doesn't react funnily to this, it loves it! It's basically everything you need in a toner, without any harsh ingredients like fragrance, alcohol or colouring. I've never get any break out from it. I am using another toner now, but I still think that this one is the best. Will definitely repurchase soon. Read the full review here.

3. Pixi Glow Tonic

I bought this one out of curiosity, because I've heard so many great things about it. I do think that it does the job well in giving gentle exfoliation. However, I find that it can be too much to be used twice a day. I will get acnes if I do, pretty sure due to overexfoliation with the glycolic acid content. So I usually only use this at night. I don't see any remarkable change on my skin, but then again, this is a small bottle. Maybe I should use it longer to see an impressive change, but as for now, I'm not a big fan and will repurchase the Son&Park Beauty Water instead.

4. Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara

What else can I say about it? It's cheap, it works, and it's good! Definitely my favourite mascara from the drugstore. I love it so much for my lower lash line. The bristles really coat each of my lashes well and it's really black too. Very easy to remove and doesn't smudge at all throughout the day. It even beats a lot of cult favourites of high end brands that I own like the Too Faced Better Than Sex? Yeah, I like this one a lot better, and it's wayyyy cheaper. This costs RM18 but sometimes you can get it for RM10 during sales. Read the full review here. I may not sound as enthusiast about this mascara on my old review post, but as time goes by I find myself reaching more for this mascara more than any others that I own.

5. Silkygirl Expert Brow Slim Liner

Another Silkygirl Product! This brow pencil is not disappointing at all. It has a round micro pencil which I always prefer than slanted eyebrow products. The spoolie on the other end feels sturdy and not too rough. But most importantly, the shade 02 Dark Brown is the perfect match for me. This brow pencil is claimed to be waterproof too so it will last for a very long time. It's probably not the cheapest in the drugstore given so many other options from other brands, but it is still affordable at RM21.60.

Until next time, bye bye!

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