Basic Skincare for Men

by - Saturday, September 08, 2018

I often call men as beautiful instead of handsome when they are really, really handsome. A handsome man is one thing, but when I say a man is beautiful, it means he is an art piece. Down below is my example of a beautiful man. Lee Donghae from Super Junior, HEHE. (img source : pinterest)

First thing first, you have to know about your skin type. Is it dry, normal, oily, or combination (some parts are dry and some parts are oily)? There is several ways to test this out, but to make it simple, I would suggest for you to take a simple quiz here.

Now gentlemen, there is no such thing as a body soap that can be used as face cleanser. If you do, please stop. Body soaps are so drying, and even if you have an oily skin, it will contribute to even more oil production on your face. This is because when you use body soaps, the foam created will take away all the oil on your skin surface. You may feel clean for a little while, but dehydrated too. When this happens, your brain will notice this dehydration and send signals to tell your body to secrete more oil to moisturize your skin, hence, overproduction of oil. So, let's get to the basic steps for your beauty starter pack. And for your own good, I'll suggest only drugstore products.

1) Cleanser

The beauty industry have grown a lot that men now have more options to choose their skincare. That's good! But don't just choose what's cheap or what's trending on twitter. Try to really understand what the product offers, and for what skin type. If you have normal or dry skin, choose gentler cleanser like gel cleanser. Because, like I said, foaming cleansers may dry out your skin even more. For combination to oily skin, you guys can use foaming cleansers. Don't worry, face cleansers are not drying as much as body soaps. A lot of foaming face cleansers nowadays have moisturizing ingredients. Especially if you're an everyday motorcycle rider, foaming cleansers will help to clean dust and dirt much better. Use cleanser twice a day ; in the morning and at night.

Suggestions :

Normal to dry : Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser RM21

Combination to oily : Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam RM33

2) Moisturizer

Finding the right moisturizer can be a little tricky, and may take a few trials and errors, especially if you're like me, a person with sensitive skin. For a start, choose a moisturizer that is simple. What I mean by simple is that it doesn't contain alcohol, fragrance or colorants that could be irritating for your skin. And if you can, find one that says SPF which means it will protect you from the sun. But if you can't, move on to the next step. Use moisturizer after cleanser, morning and night.

Suggestion : Nivea Men Daily Defense Moisturiser RM18

3) Sunscreen

This is not optional, you gotta have sunscreen. Boys, you guys play sports, ride motorbikes everyday without some SPF on? You'll damage your skin in the long run. Sunscreen is not used only to avoid skin tan and sunburn. The Sun is very damaging. Let me list some of the damages that it can do to your skin below.

Sun spots, sunburn, early signs of aging aka wrinkles, skin cancer, scaly patches, Actinic Keratosis, Rosacea.... I can go on and on with the list if you want.

So yes, sunscreen is very important. Be it for men or women. Like they always says, use protection! Use it at day time only. Reapply as needed (preferably every 2-3 hours)

4) Lip Balm

I find so many men licking their lips when they have very dry, chapped lips. YOUR SALIVA IS NOT YOUR LIP BALM MY GOODNESS. Stop. You may think that you're moisturizing your lips lol, but you're so wrong. Our saliva contains enzymes, and they evaporates fast in the air, which will make your lips drier. Please don't get embarrassed to buy a lip balm. It's just a lip balm, it is not a girls only thing. Even my dad have his own lip balm, pls. You boys smoke cigarettes and pots a lot you may get lip cancer soon but at least try to take care of them while they're pretty still, ok?

Suggestion : In2it Lip Treat (Unless you want pink lips, choose the Vanilla one. It's colorless) RM7

To me, these 4 are the basics to men's skincare. Of course, the complete routine will be a lot complex, but these 4 are good for a start. And of course my product recommendations will not suit everyone because different products work for different people. If you have more budget, head on to professional skin counters like Clinique or Keihl's. There, you can ask from their trained and experience sales assistants for a guidance on your skincare starter. Usually they have a trial skincare set that suits your skin that you can purchase to try out first before buying the full size products. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Last but not least, there is no use of a pretty face without a gentleman attitude instilled in you. That makes the whole package complete. Good luck! :D

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