LUSH Opens Up in Malaysia! | What I Have Been Wanting To Try

by - Monday, October 01, 2018

I Feel like screaming on top of my lungs. LUSH is finally opening up in Malaysia! I have been watching western youtubers since high school when I was fourteen ( I am 23 now) and have always been so intrigued whenever they mention LUSH's products. Singapore have them, which is like so close with Malaysia already, but this poor girl have never been to Singapore yet. Ugh! I know I can just buy online, but the shipping fee is sometimes ridiculous. I have heard about the rumors of them coming to Malaysia since a couple or more years ago, and then the rumor went dead, and I lost hope, until I saw news that they are opening up in Pavillian, Kuala Lumpur on October 1. That is today!

img source : Malaysia.Lush Instagram

If you do not know LUSH, it is a very environmental friendly cosmetics company. They are 100% vegetarian and 80% vegan from the products to the packaging. Go Green! Not only the production is amazing, the products themselves are very famous for their effectiveness too. Everything is handmade in their factory, which I'm sure the factory smells so good since their products uses a lot ton of natural ingredients. So here are the list of products that I have been dying to try out!

1.Angels on Bare Skin

I saw so many youtubers with flawless skin actually use this as their cleanser. It was very disappointing whenever beautiful youtubers finally do their skincare routine videos and then I see this in the list, lol. But now I can finally try it yeay! The video down below is the one that totally sells me on this thing. The product is mentioned at 4:13.

2. Mask of Magnaminty

I love clay maska. Especially the ones from Innisfree. But I feel like everyone who owns Lush, owns this mask. It is literally one of their best selling products which is a mask and an exfoliator at once. It uses evening primrose seeds and anuki beans to exfoliate, so they are very gentle to the skin. A lot have claim it to be a miracle worker for their skin.

3. Tea Tree Water

This is basically a balancing toner. I knew about this toner from Ingrid Nelson the infamous Youtuber. You know how I love watery toners more than the lotion ones. I have a skin like her, so if she loves a product, I know I'll love it too! I used to be a huge fan of tea tree oil back when my skin was more problematic. They are such a beautiful ingredient that is very effective. I have no doubt about this product.

4. Shampoo Bars

My hair can get really dry and frizzy sometimes given this very humid country, Malaysia. When I heard about LUSH's Shampoo Bars, I thought it was a funny and strange idea. Turns out that a lot of people actually swears by this stuff. They say that their shampoo bars are not drying at all, and you don't even need complimentary conditioner. But what sells me the most is the idea of replacing your shampoo with this can save more than 550 million of generic shampoo bottles that we throw out annually. To think about that fact, I don't think I would go back to my old shampoo in bottles once I get my hands on this. You can basically keep this shampoo bar in their round tin packaging. This saves a lot of space and hassle during travelling too. They have so many options, I don't know which one to try yet. But the Honey I Washed My Hair (Right) one is pretty famous.

I know that when you mention LUSH, you'll automatically think of their bath bombs. LUSH is like the pioneer of bath bombs to me. They have created so many varieties of bath bombs for each four seasons. However, I am not a bath person, hence you don't see any of them on my list. Maybe soon! One more thing, it is unfortunate that I cannot join the crowd for their opening in Pavillion, KL today because I am currently in Kuching, Sarawak. But I'll be sure to attack that place once I land in KL lol. Please consider to open a branch here in Sarawak soon too, LUSH! Thank you LUSH!

image source : LUSH website

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