My Top 10 Drugstore Skincare Products

by - Saturday, October 06, 2018

Skincare does not have to be expensive for them to work miraculously. I have tried  a lot of high end products that just don't do enough if not nothing at all for my skin. On the other hand, I have tried so many drugstore products that surprises me on how good they are and won't be able to live without them. So here are my top 10 drugstore skincare products!

1. Biore Makeup Cleansing Wipes (RM5-RM28 depending on size)

This makeup wipes is truly a gem. It is the most saturated makeup wipes that I've ever tried in my life. It is indeed a little bit more expensive than a lot of other makeup wipe brands, but that was exactly why I decided to try it out, out of curiosity. And I have never looked back! It has been my go to makeup wipes to put in my handbags or when I go travelling. Like I said, the wipes are super saturated with makeup remover that you only need one sheet to remove your entire makeup. It removes waterproof mascara too! And most importantly, the tissue itself is very gentle. The reason why I dislike other brands' are because the tissue can be a little harsh that I feel like I am exfoliating my skin every time I use them. But this one from Biore is really gentle and easy to use.

2. Garnier Micellar Water (RM28)

Another makeup remover product! But other than using this to take off my makeup, I just love it to cleanse my skin prior using face wash just to take off dirt and dusts on my face first. It definitely improves my skin texture as my cleanser can work better and deeper afterwards. For RM28? How can you beat that? See my full review on it here.

3. Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Toner (RM38)

It is actually hard to impress me when it comes with toner, because a lot of them are drying. I love watery toners, but the problem with watery toners are that a lot of them contain alcohol. And so as this one, lol! But, despite of having some alcohol, I do not find this toner to be drying for my skin. It contains lactic acid which helps to unclog the pores and I can definitely says that it does what it claims. I have used 3 bottles of this and finally moved on to something else, just so that my skin won't get immune to it. I'll definitely repurchase again in the future! Full review here.

4. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50 PA++++ (RM30)

I think you must have known by now if you follow my blog, that nothing replaces this one as my favorite drugstore sunscreen. I did tried other ones from Biore like the face milk blue version, watery essence, and aqua rich whitening but none else my skin loves more than this lol. I do have another favorite one from Innisfree though, but I'll save that later for korean beauty favorites post soon, so stay in tuned! Full review of this sunscreen here.

5. Mia care Acne Patch Day (RM10)

This is actually a recent and accidental favorite. I used to purchase the one from Nexcare, but it wasn't available when I wanted to purchase it. I have used the Nexcare one since like..3 to 4 years ago? It wasn't incredible, but it gets the job done after using 3-4 patches for an acne. But this one however, woah! First of all, the patch is a lot thinner, so it is not super obvious if you have to get out of the house with it. Sure it will still be visible if you look up close though. With this, I only need like 1-2 patches and the acne is as flat as pancake lol. Therefore it is worth more for the price since you only need at like one or two for an acne. If you're asking me to try out the infamous acne patch from Cosrx.....don't. I've tried them and hated them lol. Even the Nexcare one is better than the Cosrx's lol! Sorry Cosrx, maybe do better. I do love your other products though.

6. Biore Pore Strip (RM11)

Another Biore product! Yes, it is not the best to use pore strips as it can enlarge your pores, but I can't help it hehe. It is very satisfying to use. I do limit myself to only using it twice a month if I could. Using the right method, meaning exfoliating and steaming your face before using this, it really takes out a lot of gunk! I tried so many from the drugstore, but this one is really the best and the most effective one. I have stopped using the Vietnamese pore strip that is very popular here in Malaysia. Actually that one works the best, it takes out wayyyy more for way cheaper, but I also notice that it is too harsh for my skin and it just causes more whiteheads in the long term. So yeah, this one from Biore is perfect for my skin.

7. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub (RM23)

I love this thing soooooooo much ugh. I love scrubbing, and this one is really the best, probably the perfect scrub for me! I used to be a hardcore fan of the Apricot version in high school, but yall know how controversial that one got so I switched to this one. The scrub is a lot finer and soooo satisfying to use! I love the scent very much too, it is just refreshing. The only downside to St. Ives scrubs is that they can get mouldy pretty quickly, so I'll avoid keeping them in the bathroom as the damp environment can speed up the moulding process. Keep it in ya room instead! Full review here.

8. Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Lotion (RM8)

I purposely buy the small bottle to use it as a hand lotion. I don't like lathering sunscreen to my hands, so I'll always make sure to get a hand lotion with SPF in it. This one by Vaseline feels light and it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. It is not greasy at all, and it does moisturizes very well too. I do notice little lightening of my skin tone on my hands since I've started using it. It is noticeable because I am someone who tans very easily, so I'll always get tan lines around my wrists because I wear long sleeves all the time. And after about a month of using this lotion, the tan is gone! Pretty amazing.

9. In2it Lip Treat (RM7)

Still is my favorite, most affordable lip balm in the drugstore. This one causes under RM10. RM7 to be precise. Again, I am a puteri lilin, so I'll my lip balm also have to contain a bit of SPF if not much. But aside from having SPF24, the reason  why I love this so much is how well it treats my cracked lip. I used to have a very easily cracked and chapped lips, but I've never suffered from it anymore when I started using this. It is now probably my 10th tube, and I am not even exaggerating. I just don't care about other lip balms anymore, even from the high ends.

10. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (RM11)

This is a must have for every student back in high school. Growing up and out of school, I have tried so many other oil control film, even more expensive ones but nothing ever beats this one from Clean & Clear. It really is the best in terms of quality and the pricing. A lot of other oil films in the market that I found are made from like really thin paper feeling like those paper sheets that you use for baking, and they just don't absorb oil as well as this. 

And those are my top 10 favorites from the drugstore! You may realize that I don't include any cleanser or moisturizer. I have tried a lot, they are great but not really my favorite. I prefer korean brands when it comes to those two areas. Comment down below if you want to share yours, I would love to check them out :D

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