Lazada Haul | I Only spent 3 Cents For These!

by - Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sorry there is no tricks. I am actually one of the winners for Lazada's Blogger contest yayy! So I finally spent my RM300 voucher and bought a lot of stuff. 

Sorry mum and sis sebab asyik kena hadap postman depan pintu while I was in Sarawak lol!

I did think of buying just one thing that already cost RM300 like a pretty luggage or a hard drive, but I thought that as someone who owns a beauty blog, I should try more beauty products for you guys. I may not win all of this if it's not because of you guys who supports me to keep writing! So yeah, do expect more beauty reviews soon hahahaha. Let's start the haul!


I'll start with skincare since this is where I "spent" the most on. I love makeup but I love my skin more so this is a great opportunity to venture on more skincare brands that I haven't yet tried.

Origins Clear Pore, Hydrate & Glow Mask Set
RM99 (Origins)

The most expensive trio on the cart is this Origins' Clear Pore, Hydrate and Glow mask set which only cost RM99 and that is pretty inexpensive actually. Considering the original price for each is RM120 for full size. I've been wanting to try out the pink rose clay since forever, so that's why I got this set. But I heard so many good reviews for the other two as well. I've only tried the black one once and I am already loving it. I bought this from Origins' official store in Lazada.

BIORE Cleansing Strips Pore Pack Black 10's 
RM13.30 (Watsons)
BIORE Refresh Makeup Remover Wipes Travel Packl 10's 
RM5.80 (Watsons)

Got these two from Watsons! If you read my post here, you'll know that these two are my favorites from the drugstore. It's just that I've never tried the blue version of that makeup wipes and curious to see how it is different with the pink one. 

FREEMAN Manuka Honey Hydrating Cream Mask
RM47 (Watsons)

I have tried a couple of masks from Freeman, but I've never tried one from their new line, the Beauty Infusion. My skin has been on the drier side lately so I am so excited to try this hydrating manuka honey mask. Manuka Honey is great for the skin but the raw manuka honey is hella expensive. It's good to see it as the main ingredient for a skincare product.

NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Mask
NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Mask 
PUREDERM Avocado Collagen Mask 
PUREDERM Purederm Botanical Choice Pearl Mask
RM5-6 each (Watsons)

And to compensate for free shipping, I decided to get some sheet masks! You can never go wrong with these. Honestly I've never tried these ones that I picked up because I usually buy my sheet masks from Sasa. 


RIMMEL The Only 1 Matte #700 Trend
RM 19 (Watsons)
Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Un-Nude Lipstick
RM34 (Maybelline)

I bought two nude lipsticks and I hate myself for that because my entire lipstick collection is almost all nudes. But no no no, no regrets hahaha! Upon swatching, I am a little bit skeptical about the Rimmel (bottom swatch) because it is kinda a little pale for me. But we'll see! For the Maybelline one though, I am absolutely satisfied and have no complain about it so far.

SILKY GIRL Hi-Definition Brow Liner 02 Dark Brown 
RM21 (Watsons)

Silkygirl is hands down my favorite when it comes to drugsotore eyebrow pencil. This Hi-Definition brow pencil is a must try if you haven't! I got one in Dark Brown.


IPAKY Frosted PC Anti-skid Mobile Phone Shell
Lovely 3D Moustache Cat Soft Silicone Back 
Raindrop Shaped Cellphone Finger Grip
RM5-10 each (TVCC)

I also love to switch my phone cases so often. I couldn't skip these two when I was browsing so I decided to get them. The pink one is super cute! My phone is already wearing the red one and I am so in love with the quality. Unfortunately as I am writing this, the seller doesn't sell the red one anymore on his shop. But I guess you can just search for the brand and keywords to find one from other stores. Oh and that raindrop shaped thing is the thing that you put at the back of your phone so you'll grip on it better. I love pop sockets for my phone, but this one is too cute to pass on.

16GB mp3 player
RM30 (Freebang)

Lastly, I got a cheap mp3. HAHAHA. Please pray for me because I am so determined to jog every evening, but I just can't bring my iphone 7 plus for music because it is too enormous. So I decided to get a cheap music player. This only cost RM30 and I even get a free earphone! 

And those are it! Those are everything that I got and I am happy for each and everything. Thank you Lazada, everything came  securely packaged and nothing came broken. Bear in mind that some of the items I got were on sale. I also made sure to follow the minimum purchase in each store to be eligible for free shipping. All and all, I got everything for RM300.03 with free shipping. For having the voucher, I only paid 3 cents. Yay! I also made sure to purchase from Lazzmall (official brand stores) for my makeup and skincare products, because there is no doubt for authenticity if you purchase from the LazMall category. 

Till next time, bye bye.

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