3 Easy Modest Hijab Tutorial

by - Friday, February 01, 2019

Hello there my beautiful readers! 

I have always preferred shawls over bawals for their versatility, and I often got tons of questions from strangers on instagram and from friends in real life on how I style my shawl. Now since my friends and family members have been pushing me to create a youtube channel, I present you, my first youtube video! I figured a shawl tutorial would be a perfect content to start with.

Now these 3 shawl styles are my go to for classes and outings. The first picture is probably my most favourite one, and you might notice that if you scroll over my instagram pictures. Because it is so easy and literally take seconds lol. It takes a longer time in my video because I am not used to be so far apart from the mirror hahaha.

I had fun creating this video although the process of getting it done (shooting, editing, rendering) takes forever! Hats off to all youtubers, it is really a hard work. This video takes me a whole day to finish! And I am still learning on especially editing. I would say that I am a pro with editing photos, but videos are a whole another story lol. Self teaching and learning will take a long time, but I'll try! Pray for me on this new journey! I hope to create quality contents for you guys in the future, and if you have any suggestions and requests, feel free to comment. Now grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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