Review : OLens Blossom 3Con Contact Lens (Grey and Brown)

by - Monday, April 08, 2019

I have been wanting to try out these lenses ever since I watched a video from a vlogger on YouTube, it looked so perfect and beautiful on her. I then searched high and low for it, on instagram shopee, but it was so hard to find it. Then I finally found them on 11street and ordered it straight away.

The order took about 2 weeks to arrive, which is not so bad considering that they are shipped from korea. I ordered two pairs, grey and Brown. The have a range of power selection, and mine is 2.50. Yes, I am a short sighted person if you don't know yet haha.

They packaged everything very nicely, unlike a lot of other online lenses shop that I've dealt with before. The box is a bit huge for two pairs but I am not complaining, it feels fancy hahaha. Inside, they give you a pamphlet about the lenses and some of their others from the company. And you also get a free lens case that comes with a mirror and lens tweezer, whatever you call it.

The lens is good for a month, which some people may think that it is a little bit expensive (RM 48 per pair), considering you can get a lens that expires after 3 months for cheaper price. But as for me, I prefer to buy a one month lens. I'd rather pay more than having an eye infection for wearing the same lens for 3 months.


(indoor lighting)

(outdoor lighting)


*I forgot to take the picture of the lens itself before disposing hehehehe sorry* 

Brown (indoor lighting)
Brown (outdoor lighting)

This is a 14.0 diameter lens, and it just a slight bigger than my actual iris, so it still look pretty natural. I always hate those doll-like lenses that makes your eyes appear so big, they are scary for me lol.

As for the design itself, I really love the grey one! Eventhough the brown ones are supposed to be more natural looking than the grey one, I just don't find myself to really fond of the brown. I think they make my eyes unnaturally larger in person, even though it looks fine in pictures. But for the grey one, it just looks acceptably not too fake. I can't say that it looks natural because which malay have grey eyes, hahahaha but yeah, it doesn't look too fake on me. The color is not too light and is especially beautiful in person.

In terms of the comfort level, I would say it is an average. I have tried a lot of colored contact lenses, but these pairs are no different than the average ones. I still prefer colorless contact lenses for more comfort. I don't know, my eyes get really dry after about 4 hours, and even when I use eye drops, it doesn't help much to revive my tired eyes. Sometimes my eyes will get very dry and tired to the point that it gives me a headache, and the first thing that I want to do once I get home is to take off the lenses. But that's how my eyes are in general, they get dry easily with any contact lenses. If you don't have similar problem like me, maybe you will like these.

Overall, I might purchase the grey one, but not the brown ones, and for the sake of beauty. Not so much for the comfort. If you want to buy from where I did, click the link down below. Otherwise, have a good day!

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