Thank You for 100 Subscribers!

by - Saturday, April 20, 2019

Actually, 118 subscribers already, as I am writing this. But thank you thank thank you very much, to each and every one of you for subscribing to my Youtube channel!

I really don't know how to thank you all enough.

I was reading back my older blog posts, and reminiscing some old moments of my earlier journey of blogging. I just have a few words to say to myself. That I am very proud of me, for where I am at, and for starting this beautiful journey that I enjoy doing, a lot.

I have been blogging ever since high school. It was not on this website though, I had like a private diary that I do not share with friends and family where I often post about my life in general. One day, my friend Izrin Shazmira showed me a video made by Michelle Phan on Youtube. It was her Barbie Makeup Tutorial. I was 14, in 2009. I immediately fall in love with beauty related stuff since then.

I remember binge watching to Michelle's video every single day, I was so addicted to her videos, be it skincare or makeup tutorials. She was basically my ultimate beauty guru (Still is!) She inspires me so much that I thought to myself at 18, that I want to have my own beauty channel one day. There were two things that hold me back. First, I did not have a camera to record myself. It was 2012 and phone cameras back then were not as advanced as now. And the second is, was me. I was just not confident enough. I was never ready. I think even if I did have a camera, my self confidence would still prevent me from starting my own channel.

Therefore, I resort to beauty blogging in 2015. My first ever post was a review on Nyx's Soft matte lip cream. You can read it by clicking here. I just love sharing beauty reviews, tips and tricks. I help my friends as much as I can when they ask me about skincare and makeup. Whenever I am curious about some new beauty trends and products, I'll just search them up on other blogger websites, and Youtube. More on Youtube. If you see my subscription list of beauty gurus on Youtube, you might be shocked. I am subscribed to over 150 channels lolll. I have my favourites, of course, which you can read about here :

Blogging is fun! It takes a lot of effort, I am not gonna lie. You're not just blogging. You're a writer, proof reader, a photographer, photo editor, website designer and so many other behind the scene works that you don't see. This is why some people can make blogging as their full time career. It IS a career. It has been 5 years of blogging, and I am so proud of all the opportunities that I got for being a writer. I got to be Zalora's magazine editor for a while, tho I quite as I could not keep up with the commitment as a full time student. Attend beauty events, participate in blogging competitions and stuff. My website may not be as popular as others, but I am just proud of my small community. Thank you so much to my readers and followers.

8 years after 2012 I still did not have a camera. When my old phone broke down, I purposely chose iphone 7plus for my new phone because of the camera quality. It is a pain in the pocket sure, but I thought, this is it. It is now or never. I cannot afford a new phone AND a new camera together, so I better pick up a phone with great camera quality for video recording. Furthermore, now that I am paying so much for the phone, I cannot have any excuse to not record a video and make full use of the phone. I ignored my lack of confidence, my flawed skin, and pushed that record button.

January 2019, New year new me! To start a Youtube channel was one of my new year resolutions, but if you read my blog post about my resolution, you'll not see it there. I was afraid to tell you guys ahaha. But here I am! My first ever video, was the shawl tutorial. Click here if you want to read about it, or just watch it down below. I thought it would be the perfect video to start with as I do not have to talk. You can barely see me smile there because I was so shy hahaha.

But you all made it possible, Your warm comments, video requests, and subscriptions makes me enjoy doing what I have started. It was my biggest fear but I pulled through. You guys helped me through. Imagine contemplating about doing a thing and finally did it after 8 years?! THANK YOU. I thought it would take at least a year to reach 118 subscribers, but we're not even mid year yet! 118 may not seem much to you compared to other successful youtubers, but to think that 118 people out there are watching me, and want to actually see my future contents? That makes me so happy. It makes me want to do better and put out more quality contents for you guys. So seriously, thank you, terima kasih, xie xie, nandri, gracias, kamsahamnida!

And if you haven't yet, do subscribe! Pretty pleaseeeeee ;D Click HERE!

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